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SPECIAL OFFER (time limited) My Members’ Club… I’m almost giving away 4 months access…


It’s possible I’ve lost my marbles but in truth it dawned on me that my 21 Day Free Trial period for my Members’ Club wasn’t long enough to judge whether it may be something that benefits your experience of racing/punting.

So, you can now get full access for 4 whole months, for just £7. That is 43 pence per week, for the next 16 weeks.

The job of this post and the videos below is to convince you that this is a bloody good offer, and you should take it up 🙂

It could be the best £7 you ever spend.

(NOTE: If you have ever been a Member previously you can now log in with old details and take up this offer for free, no need to pay the £7…) 

IF you’re serious about becoming even more profitable, or as yet haven’t made it pay and wish to join the 3% of punters who win long term, I hope you will watch the two videos below to see what I have to offer. Whether you like following profitable systems, or using a list of horses as starting points in which to add your own thoughts and ideas, I’m confident I have something for you. But that is the purpose of the offer, and the videos below. 

I don’t want you to miss out. This is a time limited offer and won’t be around for long. And the current prices for the club, which I have decided are too cheap, won’t be around for much longer either. (your price is always locked in, if you sign up to a plan the fee never rises for as long as you stay)

It’s all explained below. Give the videos a watch and decide if this is something that may add to your enjoyment of this great sport.

I mean in the last two days three of the main strategies have found winners at 15/2, 12/1 and 20/1. So, it may be worth a moment of your time… UPDATE: 20/1, 8/1, 11/1 winners on Wednesday 28/09

(and the existing Members are a friendly bunch, always very welcoming… come and say hello…)


Video 1: Your Personal Invite To My Members’ Club




Video 2: What does a ‘Members Daily Post’ look like? What is it all about.. some more detail…






There are two options…

  • After the 4 months you will be charged £127 per year (this will go up to at least £197 per year in the next few weeks, but you will lock in £127) 
  • Or £37 per quarter (this price will never change for as long as you stay, if you stay of course :)) 
  • You can cancel anytime in the trial  and if you meant to cancel but end up paying by accident, of course I will refund you, just get in touch! 


Come the end of these 4 months you will know whether this is for you.

All I ask is you give it a go, give me a chance to enhance your experience of horse racing, and with any luck make you even more profitable…




Thanks for your time,

Any questions, fire away,


p.s all sign ups are via Paypal, where you do not need an account to sign up. But, if you have ‘paypal issues’ and wish to sign up another way, drop me an email.. info@racingtoprofit.co.uk

p.p.s I did ask existing Members’ to post any comments below on their experience etc. If you’re still not convinced to give it a go after reading through those, it’s safe to say I will never convince you 🙂


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22 Responses

  1. at that price i honestly think your underselling your service Josh, i joined with your offer just after christmas and have been a member ever since i think i have learnt more in 9 months (not just you but from other members as well) than the last 40 years. great bunch of members with no backbiting which is a refreshing change. give it a go i really don’t think you will be sorry.

  2. Having worked for several tipping Sites I have not come across anyone with the enthusiasm that Josh shows within his posts he is without any doubt a master of his craft his Betting club insiders and write-ups are superb

  3. If you want to be backing and collecting regularly on 10,12,14,16/1+ shots then the members site is the place to be,and now that the Jumps racing is about to get into full swing this is the ideal time to make that leap.The amount of research that Josh puts into the members site makes it the best value by far of anything on the market.It will help put you into that 3% of winning punters,you will enjoy your betting experience,you will be backing at prices you never imagined possible and winning and it will make you a much better informed bettor

  4. Having spent 43 years ” Investing in The Turf ” I now know how Thomas Edison felt when after 999 failures in making an electric light he eventually found the answer !!
    Fortunately,I found Josh 2 years ago or so and with his help I am now repatriating my monies from Messrs Hill & Chandler !!
    You won’t find a better value for money investment anywhere and I would have no hesitation in recommending the Service.

  5. I think I was a pretty early adopter on Josh’s website. No doubt found via Matt’s Geegeez who I have been with since his nag days.

    They compliment each other perfectly.

    Racing To Profit is a site of total integrity, it is not a tipping site but simply one that helps the punter gain an edge and most importantly understand where value lies. Combine RtP’s sub with Geegeez Gold and ignore the rest.


  6. There are three things why I think this place is absolutely great:

    1) Josh has managed to create an environment where interaction is not only allowed but also encouraged. There are so many places where going against a tip is taboo yet here there are often several different point of views. I’d like to think I do better than the average punter having made over £40k at the game yet I am continually learning new things on here. Over the last two years my knowledge has increased infinitely and a large part of that was through the information on here or introduced through here. Josh almost always finds the time to respond to everyone’s comments on here. There is very little negativity here.

    2) Whether you’re a rookie or have been at the game for awhile the systems are easy enough to follow and given the stats are based on prices widely available in the morning most should be able to get on at the prices advised. Too often do you see tipsters using the price available at 6PM with one bookmaker or even worse padding their results through bookmaker offers. Josh is far more honest than most when it comes to that side of things. He is also very honest when it comes to his own performance and regularly brings out his infamous Opus Dei whip and analyses where he went wrong. The pre and post race videos are just another reason which makes this place unique.

    3) Josh does manage to find us some nice offers at discount prices. The links to various sources of information are very good also.

  7. i have been a punter since the 70s and i can honestly say that R.T.P.is the best site i have ever found. £ for £ you will not find a better one.

  8. I agree entirely with absolutely everything written above.
    Josh , you should be very proud to receive such genuine tributes from people who from reading their regular comments you can tell are very knowledgeable,particularly when it comes to racing.

  9. I don’t need to tell anyone that The Horse Racing Tipping/Pundit sector is one that does not have a great reputation. It is spoiled by too many con men; get quick rich systems that are doomed to failure and scurrilous and fraudulent claims and marketing. The modern social media age also seems very little real scope for serious; honest and open debate, in a fair and sensible format and forum.

    Racing To Profit, is a glowing beacon in a sea of mediocrity. The concept is unique and highly effective and in my dealings with Josh, both on a personal level as a reader and on a Business level; I have rarely if ever come across anyone with such a unique combination of drive and integrity.

    He is an outstanding young man, a superb analyst of his topic and has attracted what is clearly a loyal, growing and eminently sensible and decent group of followers who share and pass on their own skills and logic in an open and sensible way, which is very refreshing. Utmost admiration for Josh, his service and those that follow it, long may it continue and go from strength to strength.

  10. I’ve been following this blog over 2yrs to date which is fully down to Josh’s enthusiasm and honest approach to racing. I love the full write ups provided as they explain thoughts on tips/systems very clearly, the videos that are also available both here & on YouTube are the cherry on top for me and I’ve learned a huge amount in my time here as a direct result of this content.
    I’ve learned loads about betting in general through this site during my time here and I plan to be here for the foreseeable future. There’s plenty for every type of punter throughout the systems, tips and discussion which is always worth a read before, during or after racing.
    Keep up the excellent work Josh!

  11. I have been a member on the site for a while now. I enjoy learning and what better way to do it then to share thoughts and analysis on Horse Racing and sometimes other sports. Josh and the members take a logical approach to finding a profit from horse racing and enjoy constructive challenge from others, as do the other members. Being a serious punter I need help to find winners and at a reasonable cost, which this service does. I would definitely recommend giving it a go.

  12. I can only really echo what others are saying. I’ve quite new to this website ( a few weeks) and that has only annoyed me quite a bit as I wish I had found this website a lot sooner!!, I could tell from day one I was onto a winner and Josh’s passion for the sport shines through. I must admit I don’t always get time to watch all Josh’s videos but I do enjoy his write ups each day and fellow members always chip in with some great analysis. The last few days have thrown up some big price winners and long may it continue, one day I’ll maybe even claw back all my losses from when I was a mug punter 🙂

  13. I really don’t think i have to say any more than i have been with Josh since day one…….I’m still with him…. and still learning.

    Tony Mc.

  14. this is a brilliant site, well worth monthly £12, plenty of winning info, and big profit systems, would strongly recommend it

  15. I would be more than happy to recommend Membership of RTP .. Josh is without doubt a bloody decent guy and with that he has attracted people of similar ilk. Thoroughly enjoy the effort that goes into this site and the additional input of fellow members like … Nick , Martin C ,Martin W , Gearoid, Hugh ,TonyMc etc etc the list goes on …. Nobody gets involved in backbiting , anyone that has a view can express it freely . Great place to visit daily and long my it continue ….. If anything its too bloody CHEAP !! 🙂
    Congrats to all involved i say …

  16. I’ve been using RTP for around a 18 months and it really has been the gateway into systematic betting. Before I would rely on form based tipsters with varying results. The good thing about RTP is the constant pursuit to find winning strategies both from Josh himself and some of the other members. Thy are relentless, good knows the amount of hours reasearcg done collectively. Of course there are some things that don’t work and some do and you really have to work out what the best strategies are for you. The ES is certainly a great addition as are the large field handicaps that Josh uses trends to analyse. Add this together with a really friendly, open, sharing community and £7 really is a no brainer.

  17. This is qute simply an excellent site. Josh is industrious, pleasant and extremely knowledgeable. He has created a haven which provides superb research, genuine insight and profitable pointers at an outstanding price. This is all delivered in a wonderful self-deprecating style which is always good to read.

    That alone would be more than enough to recommend it but the regular comments, thoughts, insider views and winning tips from other subscribers that are posted every day make for an excellent bonus. There are no airs or graces with no-one playing the blame game which makes for a incredibly friendly atmosphere throughout the site.

    I cannot recommend this highly enough.



  18. Just class,i have been with every tipster etc. in the business and found nothing like this,so much information in the given races,gives you the chance to pick your own horse really on the info,which is such a great feeling when the horse wins.£7.00 ………….bargain.Definately wont regret.

  19. Hi Josh, I have tried to take advantage of your £7 membership offer but seemed to have messed it up. My Paypal donation has gone through but I seem unable to access the membership area. Will you please check it out. I am now retired and struggling with the technology, sorry.

    1. Hi Paul,
      Ah yes.. I can see what you have done.. I struggle with tech and i’m meant to be good with this kind of thing so I wouldn’t worry!

      I will send you an email… i’m going to refund the Donation.. as that was the wrong way in… and also cancel the profile you went to set up in Members as that will cause more problems long term.. we can then start from scratch.
      Will email you asap.

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