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Big Race stats/trends/pointers x 3 + Shortlists x2 + Video


Saturday… A bit to get stuck into below… some micro qualifiers and big race trends/stats/pointers for three races. There are shortlists for the two on Saturday. Use them how you please. With any luck they highlight the winners. Below those is a video preview for Stratford. I happily whizz through a card if a member requests it, and I have time to do so. With any luck you find it useful, or take a horse or something away from it. 

Let’s crack on…



Flat 2017: 60+ Day Trainers

4.35 Leop- Song of Namibia (any)

5.35 Leop- Pursuasive (any)

7.20 – Glastonbury Song / Noivado (both any odds)




Big Race Stats/Trends/Pointers

Sat 9th


4.10 Haydock: Old Borough Cup (aka 32 Red Casino Handicap!)

16 years…

16/16 ran 8-60 days ago

11/101,28p,+20… ran 16-30 days ago

Drawn 16+ : 0/38,7p

14/16 – Top 4 LTO

13/16 – Top 6 in market

6/16 – Aged 3

14/16 – Aged 3-5


10 years: 10/150,35p

10/10 Top 4 at least once on last 3 starts: (0/24,0p did not)

10/10 – had 0 runs in class or 3-5: (1-2:  0/37,6p   6+ : 0/61,8p)

10/10 – 2-5 career wins (0/34,4p outside this)

10/10 – 0-8 places (inc wins) in handicaps  (9+, 0/35,1p… place was 9 places)


9/10 – had same or higher OR versus last race: (lower… 1/61,10p)

3lb or higher: 7/40,13p, +56 (inc last 4 winners)

9/10- 1-3 handicap wins: 1/61,7p outside this.

8/10 – placed on last run: 8/60,12p

8/10- Top 3 LTO (7/10 Top 2)


9-10 on back: 0/12,3p

Down 2.5f or more from last run: 0/27,5p

WON LTO: 5/24,9p, +14


Mark Johnston: 3/19,5p  / John Gosden: 2/5,5p, +11



Top 4 at least once last 3/2-5 career wins / 0-8 places in hncps / ran 8-60 days ago / Same or higher OR vs last run/1-3 handicap wins… leaves….

Gawdawpalin / Sepal / Compton Mill / Ravenous 

WON LTO is a big pos: Sepal/Compton Mill (who happen to be only two from that list with proven winning form in soft/heavy)

Agg 3-5 a pos: counts against Ravenous.

Do with that as you please.



7.20 Leop: Sovereign Path Handicap – 7f


15/15 – Top 7 LTO

15/15 – 20/1< SP

Clear Favs: 7/18 runners,9p, +16


10/10 – placed on at least one of last four starts (0/26,2p had not)

10/10 – 0-5 career wins (6+, 0/32,4p)

10/10 – 0-3 handicap wins (4+, 0/36,5p) (9/10, 0-1 hncp wins)

10/10 – Top 6 LTO (7th worse, 0/62,9p)

10/10- ran 11-15 days ago or 21-45 days (tentative as stats outside these two are small)

9/10 – ran no further than 9f in career (1/48,7p had) (9f max exactly… 4/8,7p, +27)

9/10 – 1-6 distance runs (7+, 1/60, 14p)

9/10 – their last win when aged 2-4


Jim Bolger: 2/5,3p, +18  (but…no runner this year, annoyingly)



Top 7 LTO/placed at least once last 4 starts / 0-5 career wins / 0-3 hncp wins… leaves 8… so… 1-6 distance runs (a 9/10 fig so may have missed winner!).. leaves…

Noivado / Silverkode / Tempera

-Silverkode has run in ‘ideal’ rest pattern,may be a positive.





Sun 10th

2.00 Curr: Sprint Handicap

19/20 sent off 12/1< SP


10/10 – ahed 3-5 (6+, 0/34,5p)

9/10 – ran in race worth 4-21k LTO

8/10 – carried 8-12 to 9-6 (exc claims) (8/46,19p, +32)

8/10- 1-4 places (inc wins) in handicaps (2/85,16p outside of this)

OR 101+ .. 0/12,0p

Cork LTO: 3/5,4p

Curragh LTO: 0/38,6p




Matt (a member) got in touch asking for a video preview of Stratford…which I am happy to do, time allowing. Sometimes this goes very well, other times not so much!  i did this ‘live’ and it is a solid 40 mins… the first 15 looks at a few stats reports to find some ‘starting points’ – and you may take note of a few other runners throughout the country. I then flick through the card using trainer form / speed ratings/ instant expert tab/pace/  etc to focus on any horses of interest. It looks a tricky card and I wouldn’t be bullish on much. If you do watch it I suggest you do so with a notepad… there may be the odd horse highlighted you wish to take a closer look at. There are no ‘tips’ in this, more info etc to use as you please…




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That’s the lot for Saturday.

GL with any bets.





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