Final Freebie Bonanza

Plenty of freebies for this Saturday and the Festival…

Below is a collection of freebies including some stats/trends for the Imperial Cup on Saturday, and moving onto the Festival – some trends pointers for the Albert Bartlett and the odd other snippet that may find you a winner or two. They are the last such freebies before the Festival and for a couple of weeks I suspect… (from me anyway. Our Hunter Chase friend Darran has a preview of the Fox Hunters for us on Sunday)



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stats of interest..

  • 10/10 carried 10-3 – 11-1
  • 10/10 OR 124-135
  • 10-10 had 2-5 runs this season
  • 10/10 4th or lower in the weights
  • 10/10 had 1-2 hurdle wins
  • 10/10 running same class (G3) or up 3 classes max (not C4 or lower LTO)
  • Track LTO
    • Newb/Sand/Chelt: 6/10
    • Taunt: 0/18,30
    • Winc: 0/12,0p
  • Trainers
    • Pipe: 3/15,7p
    • 1 win: Hobbs/ L Mongan/Longsdon/Newland/Henderson/Wadham/NTD
    • G Moore: 0/11,2p

Shortlist?: Well, these leave a mixed picture from what i can see. If you just looked at the weight/rating trend it leaves 3…

Spice Fair/Prairie Town/Disputed  (they all fall down on the seasons run trends, 0/37,4p had 6 or more runs) 

Ignoring weight/OR and going with seasons runs/4th lower in weights/1-2 hurdle wins/Same or up 3 classes max from last run, leaves: 

Gassin Golf + London Prize. (WON 10/1)

Anyway, hopefully they may help you find the winner!





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Albert Bartlett Pointers (have helped me find 50/1 and 14/1 winners 2 of last 3 years on here, fingers crossed…)

Day 4

14.50 – The Albert Bartlett Novices’ Hurdle

10/10 Top 4 LTO

10/10 ran 26-75 days ago

10/10 OR 135+ (0 rating 0/16,0p)

9/10 had 3-5 runs this season

6/10 had 1+ distance win

6/47, plays 4/134 that had not

2+ distance wins: 3/12,3p + 21

10/10 had RUN up to 24f (3m) Max in career

Had Run over 24.5f or further: 0/53,3p

8/10 had 4-8 career runs

2 hurdle runs at track: 5/15,6p +14

2 track wins: 3/6,3p…+12

10/10 ran in a C1 or C2 LTO

C3 or lower: 0/72,3p

10/10 had run in a G1 or G2 previously

0/68,8p had not

Ran in race with 12+ runners LTO: 0/43,4p (one of those odd stats)

9/10 ran over 2m4-2m7.5f LTO

3m+ : 1/61

3m only: 1/32,5p

10/10 ran over 2m4f or further LTO

8/10 ran over 2m4f or 2m5f LTO


Track LTO

Chelt+Leop: 5/32, 9p

1 win: Navan/Exeter/Warw/Naas/Haydock

Donc: 0/19,1p



None with more than 1 win : Russell/Byrnes/Henderson/Curtis/Jonjo/Fry/Mags Mullins/N

Meade/A King/John P Gilligan

Nicholls: 0/9,3p | W Mullins 0/25,4p




FREE REPORT #2: The other one I have sent out previously… trends/stats for the 3m+ handicap chase on day 1, + another couple of angles.



Final Bonus…

I am excited if this 1st Time Headgear Angle throws up any monster priced winners this year…


Starter Set of Rules (last 3 festivals, 1st time headgear, 33/1 or shorter SP)

Non Handicap

Age 5-7

14 bets / 4 win / 7 places +120 BFSP



Time is running out…

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    1. 33/1 to shorter ISP. The stats with those higher than that are not very good, suggesting they really do have little chance, but you never know! Use as a guide and of course some may get backed into 33s< having been much bigger. Josh

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