June Results Update: 01/06/16 – 19/06/16

Just a quick update on results for June so far…



2/11 = -4 points 



June Trainers: 1/24 = -7 points 

Jumps Trainers: 1/7 = 0 points

‘Other’: 0/11 = -11 points 


TTP: Main Trainer Systems

6/48 = -2 points



1/14 = -5 points (+7 points since change in approach mid May) 



It has been a frustrating month so far, including around 20 second place finishes spread across the portfolio above. Some of those have been photos with horses priced over 10/1. Annoying, but that is racing. Hopefully a few more may start winning in the 10 days that remain of the month, and beyond. 

There were also the Royal Ascot micro systems which helped add +11 points to the pot, for those that followed them. 

There isn’t much more to say at this point. I will review many of the systems at the end of the month given it will be 6 months into the year. Many of the trainers, across the portfolio, will be one or two winners away from going into profit for the year, and I can only hope some of them do so soon! 



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2 Responses

  1. 2nd place or 3rd for that matter is fine, when you start getting long runs of 7th, 8th or last is time to start scratching your head I guess.

  2. Starting to look like Midgely”s shot his bolt early this year! Absolutell gutted as I’d been waiting all year to win some money off him 🙁

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