Your Sunday Read: Profiting From Man United’s Misery

Today I have something a bit different for you, something to read and browse through during a Sunday Afternoon. What follows is an article by a very close friend of mine, Liam. We have been friends since about the age of 5 and in recent years he’s been successfully developing his journalistic flair. I enjoy […]

Members Report: 21/02/16 (COMPLETE)

Click below for a debut article from a very close friend of mine. Whether you like your football, and football betting or not, I think you will enjoy the read… YOUR SUNDAY READ: PROFITING FROM MAN UNITED’S MISERY   *** A blank Saturday, the first for a while and we were due one! Sadly Harry […]

Members Report: 20/02/16 (COMPLETE)

No complaints at Sandown. Both selections ran their race, with LC running with his heart on his sleeve. He got his easy lead, was able to go his own pace and jumped well on the whole. He just bumped into one – a horse to keep an eye on as he is only going to […]

Members Report: 19/02/16 (COMPLETE)

Read My Daily Punt Column: Stats/Trends 3.15 Haydock HERE>>> *** Dust of that wheelbarrow… TIPS  4.20 Sandown  Loose Chips – 2 points win – 8/1 2nd 7/1 Arbeo – 1 point win – 11/1 (WH) 10/1 (BV) 3rd 10/1 Market not yet fully formed, dont all dive in at once mind this early, you may […]

Members Report: 18/02/16 (LATE UPDATE- SYSTEM!…)

Two Tips for tomorrow just posted, write up to follow… Dust of that wheelbarrow… TIPS  4.20 Sandown  Loose Chips – 2 points win – 8/1 (WH/Lad) 7/1 (bet365/SB/BetfS)  Arbeo – 1 point win – 11/1 (WH) 9/1 (bet365/SB)  *** A decent enough 4 point profit on the day to keep things ticking over. I underestimated […]


Looks like a decent day’s racing ahead on Saturday and hopefully a few decent bets to be struck.  We have the Grand National Trial to get stuck into at Haydock and hopefully plenty of them turn up. The trends for that are below and I suppose they are useful to a point.  For my Daily […]

Members Report: 17/02/16 (COMPLETE)

Right, I have got around to finishing the Diary, as below…(results re-cap/eye-catchers/micro angle) WEEKLY DIARY HERE>>> Now onto the trends… ** TIPS 1.40 Muss  Proud Gamble – 1 point win – 5/1 (general) WON 5/1>4/1 (5s around generally for an age,the recorded price) I will keep this fairly short… He will win… Haha, only joking. […]

Members Report: 16/02/16 (COMPLETE)

Well another decent day at the office yesterday as ‘Straidi’ did everything I thought he may. Brilliant performance and hopefully he can build on that. Maybe that is his level but he could just have a c2 in him and has time on his side. Scotswell did everything I hoped he wouldnt – namely couldnt […]

Weekly Diary: 8th-14th Feb 2016 (COMPLETE)

The usual mixture here. Results Re-Cap / Micro System / Eye-Catchers. I will try and add some ‘opinion pieces’  in future articles, but apart from a few polite disagreements on twitter, and one person who emailed saying ‘If you are so good why don’t you just back everything yourself – you are a FRAUD’ – […]

Members Report: 15/02/16 (COMPLETE)

All in all another good week, with another +10 points to the pot.  I have just released my Cheltenham Stats/Trends Guide and you can find out more about it, and grab a copy if you wish, below… GET YOUR CHELTENHAM GUIDE HERE>>> Remember, if you join the ‘Donations Club’ below, you will get sent this […]