Members Report: 01/12/15 (COMPLETE)

Another shocker of a day today but there is one that catches my eye for interest… THE SHORTLIST  3.00 Ling – The Informant 11/2 UP 8/1 (general) – Mullins is 3/13, 6 places with his handicap chaser s here since 2010 and 3/10, 6 places when the main man, Andrew Thornton is up in the saddle. […]

My Racing Week: 30/11/15

I have written a results review post so I will not dwell on results here. But, +45 points for the systems this month has been a decent return and, along with the previous haul from the systems since August, gives us plenty of ammo to play with moving forward. You will have seen the new […]

November Review

November Review     MICRO SYSTEMS November Trainers Venetia Williams 28 bets / 9 wins / 11 places / 32.14% SR / +29.5 SP / +31.76 BFSP / AE 1.84 Taking odds available in the morning, around 10am (my rough guide) would have been worth an extra +9 points above SP if backing them all. […]

December Trainers to Follow

December Trainers Donald McCain Handicap Chase Horse Wins In a Handicap Chase: NOT 0 (so, 1 or more!) 14/1 or under (only a guide, small sample above this)   Bets Wins Win% P/L(SP) Places Place% ROI(SP) P/L(BF) ROI(BF) P/L(Plc) A/E   ALL 27 10 37.04 53.76 15 55.56 199.11 64.2 237.76 13.73 1.87   2014 […]

Members Report: 30/11/15 (COMPLETE)

A pretty poor day’s racing and a quiet one for me. Just the micro systems below. My day will be spent in HRB trying to find some ‘December Trainers’, updating results for the month with a post, writing a weekly ‘diary’ and completing my AW Track Profiles report. Most of the above will be up […]

Members Report: (complete)

MICRO SYSTEMS  November Trainers 2.00 Leic – Relax (16/1<) Jumps Handicappers  1.20 Carl – Tekthelot (12/1<) *** That is all for tomorrow.  ***

Members Report: 28/11/15 (COMPLETE)

TIPS 2.40 Newcastle  The Last Samuri – 1 point win 6/1 (general) 3rd 5/1 -1 I just spent some time writing out a preview only to just lose it. So, this will now be brief!…This horse is open to any amount of improvement this year, the trainer has a great record with stable newcomers and […]

Members Report: 27/11/15 (COMPLETE)

Don’t you just love  a second place?! (4 today for me) Russe Blanc ran a fine race, no complaints there and looked like he could win jumping the last. I was hoping the one in front would start to tire but he was fit and kept going. Still, we beat the market and got a […]

Members Report: 26/11/15 (systems+ Newbury Micros)

TIP  1.00 Newbury  Russe Blanc 1 point win – 13/2 – 2nd 5/1 I think this is the only horse in the race who doesn’t have some kind of question to answer. The only niggles are that he is 3lb about his last win (but is open to a tad more improvement this season potentially – […]

Hennessy Gold Cup Meeting: Trends + Stats

I plan to write a ‘stats/trends’ post every Wednesday to add more value to your experience, and to give some structure to my ramblings.  This post will highlight some trends/stats for a big race or two that are coming up later in the week, usually a big Saturday race. For those of you who like […]