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Pace Wins The Race: Selections 20/11/14

This is the first of what will be a daily post from Monday to Friday. The intention is to find one race and one horse that will benefit from the pace set up of the race. Primarily this will focus on those front-runners that I think can get out and stay out all the way […]

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Long Distance Jockeys

I have been tracking three jockeys for a while now who all have something in common – they have a superb record in handicap chases that are 3 miles or further. There are a number of reasons why they stand out. Firstly all three are clearly superb judges of pace, either winding up their mounts […]

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The Importance of Identifying Front Runners

Today I want to talk to you about pace, how finding front runners in certain conditions has transformed my betting over the last 8 months, and how it could transform yours too. Understanding pace and identifying the right front runners to back has been responsible for about 250 of the 550 points profit I have […]

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