YORK DAY 4: Stats Pointers

From the stats report HERE>>> 


‘Qualifiers’ from the report above…


Haggas (any) 

2.25 – A Star Above

2.25 – Favourite Moon H4

Dods (14/1<) 


Appleby (10/1<) 

3.40 – Ghostwatch

T Easterby 


Trainer/Jockey Combos 

2.25 – Coltrane H4

3.40 – Shailene

4.40 – Lucander



Handicap Stats/Trends/ Trainer Pointers

2.25 – Melrose Handicap

Trainers (to have won race/with runners)

  • Favorite Moon H4/ A Star Above
  • Kipps
  • Eastern Sheriff


Trainers (to have won race/with runners)

  • Sinjaari H2
  • Mountain Hunter
  • Pivoine
  • Society Red / Silver Dust


Trainers (to have won race/with runners)

  • Sunday Sovereign
  • Queens Order


3.40 – Ebor Handicap

Trends Pointers

I’m not sure they’re of much use in this race in truth and very much a guide… but looking at those aged 5+, top 3/placed at least once on last three starts, 0-1 runs at the course, and who didn’t win on their 1st career start… leaves 10/12 (10/56, 21p, +191 BFSP)…

Fujaira Prince / Deja H3/ Verdana Blue H4/ Ghostwatch / Jeremia / Stargazer 

Trainers (to have won race last 12 years/with runners)

  • True Self
  • El Misk


That’s all for Saturday’s York pointers.

GL, Josh


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  • Coltrane an impressive winner for o Murphy / A Balding combo

    Not that I backed it but it adds nicely to that angle. BSP 16 I think

    Good work Josh

    Rick 22/08/20 2:32 PM Reply

    • Thanks Rick, yep they’ve highlighted a few winners..
      Wonderful hindsight of course but could have just stuck with the qualifiers that had a red H next to their name, top 4 HRB.. I think that makes them 2/6 or so, +18 to morning odds and bit higher BFSP I suspect.
      As easy as that!! No need to the hours of toil! I haven’t used them well enough clearly. Brunch and Coltrane the H winners.
      Hopefully some readers may have taken that simple systematic approach.
      Still, I won’t moan. A positive for the stats foundation work and gives longer term hope!

      Josh 22/08/20 2:49 PM Reply

  • And the stats for the Ebor gave the winner and the third

    more positivity

    Rick 22/08/20 4:01 PM Reply

  • And Lucander goes in for Beckett / Bentley. I backed him too

    Rick 22/08/20 4:49 PM Reply

    • Good stuff Rick.. I can see why you had a go at him. 🙂

      Josh 22/08/20 5:57 PM Reply

  • Stats pack turned out great

    Only Haggas let the side down

    Rick 22/08/20 6:29 PM Reply

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