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  • Found this on Twitter –
    Our Gareth who art in Samara
    Hallowed be thy waistcoat.
    Thy moments come,
    Thy match will be won,
    In normal. not in extra time.
    Give us this day our 2-0 win,
    And forgive us for doubting your tactics,
    As we forgive those who dive against us.
    Lead us not into penalty shootouts,
    But deliver us from Sweden.
    For thine is the semis,
    The Final and the glory,
    For ever and ever

    alpha2 08/07/18 6:35 AM Reply

  • nicked that 🙂

    martin whittle 08/07/18 10:02 AM Reply

  • Hi all,another beautiful day.

    Thought i would chip in on a quiet day. Sorry its a late post. Most know i dont tip below 10/1 so a couple of these have been backed already.

    Island song 2.30 Ayr. Stable in hot form, stable going well this year with others cast offs
    4r 2w 3p. Draw could be better.

    Market rasen 3.20. cracking trainer stats in this sphere 14r 7w 9p at this distance and class in last 5 years, 8r 4w 6p with jockey up . Managed to get 10s on this last night. My fear is this may be a better horse left handed. If not today keep him in your trackers for Plumpton or Newton Abbot!

    3.50 Moores road. This boys got some decent hurdles form. 12s last night.Its out to 20s which is much nicer. Dropping in distance, I think this trip will be more up his street.

    Limerick 3.40 Attribution. He was 7s last night. Stable going well. Think this the size of this field will play to his strength in a tight little race.

    Jarrodholmes68 60 mins ago Reply

    jarrodholmes68 08/07/18 1:15 PM Reply

  • 3.20 sorry the horse is DIPLOMATICO

    jarrodholmes68 08/07/18 1:16 PM Reply

  • What a great start Jarrodate. Well done.

    reillysmiley 08/07/18 2:34 PM Reply

  • Jason,

    Don’t you mean your coming home, I am afraid the World Cup may be staying in Belgium.

    Mr T 08/07/18 4:58 PM Reply

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