Free Daily Post: 24/05/18 (complete)

Nothing again today. 

Do note…

SP2A... I have convinced Ian to run another 3 month trial of his tipping service from 1st June to End August, on the same terms as previous 3 month trials we have done (50% discount, money back guarantee if loss to advised stakes/SP) There will be limited numbers and I will be emailing those on the waiting list first, either today or tomorrow, so if you may be interested you can add your contact details HERE>>> 



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    No bet today

    colin leafe 23/05/18 10:09 AM Reply

  • 23rd May Ayr 2.00, Yarmouth 2.20 Kempton 6.55
    After the frustration of comms problems not allowing me to get my 2yo post up until about 1pm yesterday, (Josh, is there any chance of getting the free post page up at the same time as the members?) compounded by forgetting to back my own selections – won 18 bfsp (it was a busy day), I am very wary of my mental state today and must be cautious not to my frustration get the better of me and chase missed opportunity.
    Ayr 2.00
    1. More Than This
    2. Two Blondes, Wild Hope
    Ratings Bet 1pt win More Than this
    Yarmouth 2.20
    1. Dragon Kuza, Leading Spirit, Legend Of War, San Donato,
    2. Wiretap
    No edge here without seeing them. No bet, however I see Wiretap hits one of Josh’s tripwires so I shall be having a small e/w interest.
    Kempton 6.55
    1. Mersey
    2. Chaleur, La Pelosa, Lolita Purdito,
    Ratings Bet 1pt Win Mersey

    Mersey is well drawn here, I’d be more confident with The Levite up rather than Tom Marquand. By the way does anyone know what the real pecking order is at the Hannon stables, is there a first jock or is it split between several unless Ryan is available?


    alpha2 23/05/18 12:49 PM Reply

  • Thanks Hugh! Just a wee bet for me, but a decent start to to day.

    What about putting the content in the member’s area when Josh puts it up, then someone can copy it over to the free post the next day?

    neilmck 23/05/18 2:05 PM Reply

  • Thanks Neil, should have had the Trifecta!

    alpha2 23/05/18 2:07 PM Reply

  • Just a word to the wise if your first golf selection is the first round leader and you can use betway they will pay you out as the tournament winner also most sites are giving a free RAB bet for the champs league final if you do one with betway they are giving 2 bets free instead of one im in no way affiliated to any bookies and am just pointing out two exceptional offers for those unaware

    Aaron 23/05/18 4:25 PM Reply

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