Free Daily Post: 30/04/18 (complete)

Noting from me today.

I need to work out what will populate these pages during the weeks ahead. There will be the odd tip in a Summer Jumps handicap, and likely to be some stats/trends pointers for C2 Heritage handicaps on big race days. Outside of that I have no idea as I type.

We do of course have Hugh’s excellent analysis of 2-y-o races to get stuck into in the comments as and when, as well as other points of interest highlighted by you good folk.


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    2.40 Ubla
    7.20 Captain Bob
    7.20 Coiste Bodhar

    Update of results tomorrow

    colin leafe 30/04/18 9:55 AM Reply

    • As a fellow system follower I know you have to go with it but the Gay Kelleway stable is on a long losing run. Ubla therefore has it all to do.

      martin colwell 30/04/18 11:18 AM Reply

      • You may well be right however it is the first time that SDS is in the plate and its last run was over 6f to short where today it is over the right distance of 7f.
        Some of my bets on turf today have been thrown out for they have never won on soft or heavy,also look at the draw on the flat even though if the horse is good enough it can win from a bad draw.
        The one method i use is just a starting point in the bets the rest is basic knowledge and experience over the years.

        colin leafe 30/04/18 1:26 PM Reply

    • Well done colin. Great start to day/week.

      Warren J Bottomley 30/04/18 2:49 PM Reply

      • And he has brought Gay Kelleway her first winner for a while!!!

        martin colwell 30/04/18 2:55 PM Reply

        • Thankfully no egg on my face which i was part expecting,it was well backed.
          Do not know what depth or quality of horse that she as in her stable have not got the stats but doubt that she has many winners in a season,can you check Martin?

          colin leafe 30/04/18 3:05 PM Reply

          • Colin,
            Gay Kellaway had 15 winners from 236 runners last season, 6%.
            So far in 2018 she has had 5wins from 62 runners, 8%.

            Courtesy of Racing Post.

            Mr T 30/04/18 3:46 PM Reply

            • Thanks Mr T

              colin leafe 30/04/18 6:02 PM Reply

  • 30th April 20182 races today from Windsor and Salisbury. After the debacle at Salisbury yesterday I do not feel inclined to comment.
    Salisbury Ratings
    1. Arcadian Rocks, My Dear Friend
    2. Oloroso, Temple Of Wonder, Mersey
    Windsor Ratings
    1. Blown By Wind
    2. Anthem Of Peace, Dark thunder, Emaraaty Ana, Smith
    If Blown By Winds drifts beyond 4/6 he must be great value.

    alpha2 30/04/18 11:34 AM Reply

  • Hi josh, do you have results for free post non-festival ‘tips’ to hand for 2018?

    thisisjonnoo 30/04/18 12:33 PM Reply

  • Hi Jonno,

    (2016: +75 points ; 2017 18/185, +79.5; 2018: + 177 points total…2018 free..9/80,23p,+75.5, Members Festival Tips: +101.5)

    So free tips… 9/80, 23p, +75.5 points in 2018 to date… most of those are in ‘Festival’ races, the rest of the day to day 3m+ handicap chases prob wiping their face I suspect… well, Irish National +31 on race, Scottish +37 on race, Topham Chase +14 on race are the three main profit sources in last 7/8 weeks…before day 1 of Cheltenham free tips were on -4 for 2018.


    Josh 30/04/18 1:36 PM Reply

  • Terrific double call Ian…and well worth the sqeaky bum . lol…..I got 28/1///went to 33 before the off….Great shout. Cheers.

    Tony Mc.

    tonymc 30/04/18 2:53 PM Reply

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