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1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack/Ratings Pointers

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1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack/Ratings Pointers



2.Any ‘Notes’ (my subjective thoughts/’tips’)



3.Micro System Test Zone



4.Any general messages/updates etc

It’s ‘back to normal’ now, after a mad 5-7 intense weeks on the jumps front. I’m going to enjoy my first day off in that time not ‘thinking horse’. The focus will now switch to the flat where I have everything crossed that Strategy 6 will deliver some systematic goods, over time, (and hopefully S4 and a few other angles) and that I can chip in with the ‘notes’ horses, once I get my eye in. They’ve had a disappointing jumps season in truth and i’ll try and up my game for the flat. The summer will mainly be about Section 1 + any ‘notes’ tips, as well as the odd set of ‘big meeting notes/qualifiers’ and the odd flat test zone angle, yet to be researched! There will be Summer Jumps content also. ‘Festival Tipping’ wise (jumps), there won’t be much through the summer, bar the odd dabble at Galway and Market Rasen, hotting up again come the autumn. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,




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  • Thanks Josh for all your hard work enjoy your day off big shout out to Nick as well after another cracker yesterday

    christopher jones 29/04/18 10:38 AM Reply

  • Have a nice rest
    I’m only having the one bet today myself. Ginger nut in the 2.00 at Salisbury

    Danny Binks 29/04/18 11:27 AM Reply

  • Thanks for the kind words guys. It is appreciated. I keep thinking this bubble is going to burst sooner or later. Nothing I like enough to tip today but have had a small e/w bet on Exchequer in the 16:25 Wetherby with half the bookies paying 4 places.

    Nick Mazur 29/04/18 11:51 AM Reply

  • Hi Josh, can you post this into the free post when you put it up please.

    29th April 2018 Salisbury and round up from yesterday at Ripon, Leicester and Doncaster
    After a week of struggles it was good to get it mostly right yesterday with Kinks getting the better of Broken Spear (what a missed exacta! Brain fade.) Then getting the No Lippy, world Order exacta correct. Why I decided to venture 2 pts in the most difficult race of the day is open to question.
    In any case the day started on 6.37 pts and with a profit 2.21pts form Kinks, a loss of 2 pts at Leicester and a particularly pleasing 12.3 pts from the No Lippy, world Order exacta the running balance is +18.88pts. Recommended 50pt bank.
    A reminder that results are declared to Bfsp and in the case of forecasts and tricasts to tote Exacta and Trifecta odds even if I use the term forecast and tricast.
    Salisbury 5F fillies conditions
    1. Lady Prancealot, Gingernut, Diviner
    2. Cotubanama, Kadiz, All Back To Mine
    Ratins Bets 1pt win Ginger Nut, ½ pt reverse exacta Ginger Nut Kadiz. 1/6th Pt combo trifecta Ginger Nut, Kadiz, Lady Prancealot.
    Warning, heavy ground. Like yesterday this is a difficult race to sort out with lots of contradictory indicators. Firstly I shall rule out All Back To Mine. Tuite runners on debut even when short find a way to lose and this one is not short.
    Lady Prancealot looks very small and although the experience of 2 runs and a good attitude should help her I think she may come up short.
    Diviner by Charm Spirit (won on heavy) is the fly in the ointment as Mark Johnston showed at Leicester yesterday, when he has a good one they can beat those with experience which brings us to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th from the Strings Of Life race at Newmarket. These are in the correct order Kadiz, Cotubanama and Ginger Nut.
    Ginger Nut has the best draw for when the ground is heavy, she looked the fittest of the three at Newmarket link to photos here there is also not much of her but she does have Gary Mahon up claiming 5lbs which is what Richard Hannon must think is needed to get her in front of Cotubanama and Kadiz.
    Kadiz was a bit of a revelation at Newmarket as I have been in the habit of discarding Richard Hughes debutants on the grounds they are usually fat and not fit enough. She did look a bit wooly but was fitter than one expects and may be somewhat of a natural. Should come on perhaps more than Ginger Nut and I rated her 72 to Ginger Nut’s 70 after Newmarket. The bottom rated of the three was Cotubanama on 67, lighter typically more Channon like and only seemed to trundle through.
    Leaving out Diviner given the draw advantage, the 5lb claim and the fact that the Hannons love to win this race I favour Ginger Nut as the most likely winner and Kadiz the most likely to challenge her for the win. Cotubanama if they do all come over to the stands rail is likely to be left out in the sodden middle. I would choose Lady Prancealot as a possibility for the fourth spot.
    As for Diviner, well like yesterday’s MJ debut winner at Leicester he is perfectly capable of turning out a great big high class one who will gallop all over this lot and SDS is up again. It is also a £15k race with a £10k bonus. On the negative side he is not owned by a sheikh and only cost 14k. In a similar vein I see that David Evans runs a second one Haarriet for racecourse sponsor Wayne Clifford’s tyre company although it only cost 5k. The puzzling thing is that if they are no hopers, he usually puts up one of his junior jocks and he has Fran Berry up here who along with John Egan and Adam Kirby is a go to jockey for Mr E.

    alpha2 29/04/18 11:55 AM Reply

  • i’m off to Redcar thursday ,thought i would get in early, if you can have a look through it would be appreciated, i’ll jog your memory wednesday 🙂

    martin whittle 29/04/18 12:09 PM Reply

  • Diviner 2.00 Sals was 8’s on BF when I wrote my screed above. I wonder if she has shortened on stable money or purely because MJ had a debut winner yesterday. Cotubanama is now jt 2nd fav. Going to be very hard from that draw.

    alpha2 29/04/18 12:57 PM Reply

  • I’m very late to the party today (mainly due to the party yesterday!), but there’s an Early Season Maiden off soon (40 mins)

    3.40 Salisbury – Almoghared

    traf69 29/04/18 3:02 PM Reply

  • Glad not too many saw my post today! A loss of 3 points and my whole race strategy proved wrong by Hannon’s apprentice Gary Mahon not making a beeline for the stands rail which I had assumed would happen. Instead he gunned Ginger Nut to the front, drifted dwon to the far rail and set a suicidal pace in the conditions. Predictably poof Ginger Nut looked like she had been dunked after 4f and crumbled.
    Charles Bishop rode a very sensible race on Cotubanama and won quite easily. -3pts on the day. Teach me to get over excited.

    alpha2 29/04/18 4:35 PM Reply

  • Couple for tomorrow:
    Awesome Allan Windsor Monday 18:10 1pt e/w-Price taken 12-14/1
    Love Candy Thirsk Monday 17:35 1pt e/w Price taken 25/1

    Nick Mazur 29/04/18 10:00 PM Reply

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