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  • Golf matchbets – There are a number of juicy tournament match ups but for brevity I will only put up three: Bubba Watson to beat John Rahm at 2.25 ( A two times champion in form versus a player with no course form who is not at his best at present); Trevor Immelman to beat Harry Ellis at 1.8 (A former Masters winner versus a British Amateur champion); Sergio Garcia to beat Hideki Matsuyama at 1.9 (The current champion versus a player out of form who has issues over his mothers failing health).

    martin colwell 05/04/18 10:18 AM Reply

    • Martin, which bookmaker offers the matchbets you have mentioned?

      Chris Mcilfatrick 05/04/18 10:32 AM Reply

      • Sorry, I was talking Matchbook. The other bookmakers who have tourney match ups may have different permutations?

        martin colwell 05/04/18 12:24 PM Reply

        • Thanks Martin, I couldn’t see them on oddschecker

          Chris Mcilfatrick 05/04/18 1:26 PM Reply

    • Immelman already 10 shots up on Ellis after 11 holes.

      martin colwell 05/04/18 6:01 PM Reply

    2.10 La Fortuna
    2.10 Mighty Zip
    2.10 Culloden
    6.15 Sharp Operator
    8.45 Marshall Aid

    colin leafe 05/04/18 10:29 AM Reply

    • Hi Colin, I have been following your tips for a few days now, and have been very impressed. I have no knowledge and little interest in AW racing being primarily a NH fan, but there has been precious little NH action of late.
      Can I ask you if you have a staking plan for your selections? Especially that 2:10 race today where you have selected 3 horses which are the 3 at the head of the market and all under 6.0 presently on BF.
      Do you back them all to level stakes? If so any profit is likely to be quite limited i would have thought?

      alhart 05/04/18 11:14 AM Reply

      • I believe it is just 1 point win on everything, Colin is happy to lose on a race if needs be, making more profit in the long run with such an approach – the logic being that the method is the method, and as soon as you start discounting 1 , that 1 will be winning! Obviously staking etc is up to you, you may decide to lock in a certain profit/loss on the race say, but everything recorded to 1 point win at SP.

        Josh 05/04/18 11:29 AM Reply

        • Thanks Josh for the clarification. I will probably leave that race as the potential profit (1.60-2.60 pts at current BF exchange odds) looks too small to risk 3 points.

          alhart 05/04/18 11:41 AM Reply

      • Alhart
        Josh as answered your question for me only point i will add is that you should have a bank 50 times your stake at the moment there are 3 runners 1 may pull out who knows, over the years the outsider of say 3 horses may win and it drifts in the market so a much larger profit can be achieved,i put the bets up early so everyone can place their bets and go about their day.
        An example the other day 2 bets in 1 race one won at 6/4
        two bets at £10 = £20
        return £25 profit of £5 on the race or 25% that will do for me compared to my Cash Isa interest!!!
        Once again all bets that are put up i have backed and you are welcome to do what you want with them but i do advice a betting bank of 50 times your stake,and also remember that my returns are to Bookmakers SP.

        colin leafe 05/04/18 12:13 PM Reply

        • Understood Colin, and thanks for the explanation. All about risk and reward I guess and that’s why I love this site – plenty of decent priced selections to get stuck in to.
          I will play your later selections but leave that race. Thanks again for posting your selections which help me through these NH-less days!

          alhart 05/04/18 12:45 PM Reply

    • Hi Colin, Interesting you have Sharp Operator on your list today. I have already backed this one this morning. The trainers record with horses running <10 days after their previous run is 8/25, 14 places +22 in last year. Suspect Sharp Operator needs a strong pace as is reported to pull hard early in its races, not sure it will get that today but i thought 6/1 was reasonable to find out.GL

      jamesm 05/04/18 11:17 AM Reply

      • Hi James
        Now i know who to blame if it loses!!!
        My bets are from my criteria and if the horse fits them then it is a bet,this process takes about 15 to 20 mins a day for all codes of racing not just AW,definitely no form reading wasted to much of my time over the years doing this and once again if form was such a guide then there would be no Bookmakers to rob us.
        Hope Sharp Operator wins for us but i have my betting bank of 50 times my stake so it does not matter either way it is a long term investment which as been good to me over the years.

        colin leafe 05/04/18 12:31 PM Reply

        • Thanks Colin……nice 11/2 BOG winner

          Norman 05/04/18 2:21 PM Reply

        • Hi Colin,
          Firstly thanks for sharing your AW selections…top draw stuff mate
          Secondly….what’s your P&L since you’ve been posting?
          Apologies if I’ve missed on a previous post..
          Again thanks mate

          Steve Lightowler 05/04/18 3:40 PM Reply

          • Hi Steve, Colin started beginning of Feb (in terms of posting, think he’s been backing his own method for a while!)
            As of Monday…
            Profit update at Bookmakers SP anyone able to take advantage of BOG would have come close to doubling the returns
            Feb + 22.225 or to £10 + £222.50
            Mar + 14.166 or to £10 + £141.66

            Total + 36.391 points or to £10 + £364.16 Bookmakers SP only


            Josh 05/04/18 4:02 PM Reply

    • great start Colin, 9/2 winner, well done and a 3rd too

      PAUL EBREY 05/04/18 2:16 PM Reply

  • Not much to look through today.
    A couple from me.

    BAGHDAD 13/8 4:50 Wolverhampton.
    Given the breeding they are expecting better things from this one.

    A LITTLE e/w nibble at this one not shown much so far but nicely bred.
    Could be anything but at 50’s I’m willing to have a little go to find out.

    Warren bottomley 05/04/18 10:56 AM Reply

    • No good with Baghdad but I’ll take 2nd place at 50/1 for Astolat.

      Warren J Bottomley 05/04/18 5:56 PM Reply

      • Well Done Sir

        Kevin Gibbard 05/04/18 6:17 PM Reply

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