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  • Josh
    You have posted 2 Members posts for today.


    mickeydee 04/04/18 9:06 AM Reply

    • I have no coffee in!! A typo, should have read ‘Free’ obviously, cheers.

      Josh 04/04/18 9:28 AM Reply

    1.40 Bookmaker
    1.40 The King’s Steed
    3.45 Impart
    Sonnet Rose

    For anyone new looking at the board then i advice a bank of 50 times your stake
    Two months profit at Bookmakers SP + 36.391 points or to £10 + £363.91
    Anyone who can achieve BOG would probably have doubled these returns along with your accounts being restricted or closed

    colin leafe 04/04/18 10:19 AM Reply

    • 7-1 winner there Colin, well done

      Paul 04/04/18 2:34 PM Reply

    • Well done Colin. You have another new follower !

      harriers 04/04/18 4:28 PM Reply


    David Top Rated Player means in the out right market that is the only market i play,doubt if you would have got anywhere near 10/1 about Justin Thomas for top American.

    colin leafe 04/04/18 10:25 AM Reply

  • Dettori riding 2 for gosden and one for hannon at lingfield today. Wouldn’t of thought he has gone there for nothing.
    The mums 2:45
    Haylah 3:15
    Antonian 5:15

    Warren J Bottomley 04/04/18 10:36 AM Reply

  • Football – the first leg of a Champions League QF should be cagey generally. However Juventus went for it last night and got cooked and eaten up. Obviously two legs favours the better team logically. Liverpool v Man City looks tight and may not be the attack fest former pro’s on the radio say it will be. So under 2.5 goals may be the bet? Man City have the best away record in England and so the 6/4 for an away wing has some logic.

    Golf – The Masters tournament match up markets have not formed yet, but I think that there are some good angles there, so will post later. I do not like Justin Thomas or John Rahm, as I like to see some previous course form at Augusta.

    martin colwell 04/04/18 1:23 PM Reply

    • Just a non betting opinion on the footy, I think Liverpool will get battered tonight and draw next week, although I would prefer Liverpool to go through and go on and win it which is certainly possible if they go through.

      Chris Albin 04/04/18 1:54 PM Reply

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh…….I didn’t get Bookmaker matched at 14.0 and just seen the result……Pure greed has bitten me right on the bum.
    Great work Colin..(sob..sob)

    Chris Albin 04/04/18 1:44 PM Reply

    • Aye up Colin.. I got 15/1 on Betfair Exchange and cheered him home. I am backing all your selections for £20 at present. Owe you a drink or two.

      One in the Golf that looks a big bet is Top Amateur – Niemann, although 5/4 favourite has played at a much higher level so far in 2018 than the other runners and on that form looks a banker for this angle.

      martin colwell 04/04/18 1:50 PM Reply

    • That’s just greedy Chris. Will take my 8.14 BFSP even if for the first time in a while where I could have had much bigger when posted.

      Nick Mazur 04/04/18 1:57 PM Reply

      • I bloody know that Nick!! I placed the bet around 5 mins before the off when it was at 12.5 and the phone rang and completely forgot about it!! feeling slightly sick but I do have it in a small e/w double with Poetic Steps in the 4:15 so small chance of some compensation!! I would have backed it earlier at work but knew I was finishing early today so left it til I got home like a mug, a greedy mug at that!! I’ve finished crying now…just staring at a tree outside wondering where it all went wrong!!

        Chris Albin 04/04/18 2:08 PM Reply

        • Chris
          Mixed signals what do you want Rope or Kleenex? order before 16.00 for next day delivery

          colin leafe 04/04/18 3:28 PM Reply

  • hi colin, so glad decided to start backing all your tips, got 12 to 1 on BOOKMAKER, GREAT START, thanks

    malcolm pendrey 04/04/18 1:54 PM Reply

  • Just look at all those bloody happy posts having back Bookmaker…….disgraceful!!

    Chris Albin 04/04/18 2:10 PM Reply

  • Thanks Colin,
    Using a Ladbrokes bet boost, I managed to get 16/1 on Bookmaker.

    Daniel Prandy 04/04/18 2:12 PM Reply

  • Hi all,

    I like the look of Becky Sharp in the 615Kempton. Cosgrave and Boyle over a mile at kempton is always worth a second look. 33% strike rate in handicaps over 1m. Improves to 60%w 80%p in 3yold handicaps over 1m. 66/1 still available in places.
    Note it is let down in class when applied the above but I’m willing to spend a few shillings to find out.

    Good luck

    jarrodholmes68 04/04/18 2:26 PM Reply

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