Free Daily Post: 07/02/18 (complete)

A quiet day again but given I am away this weekend and there won’t be much on the free posts, I have repeated some notes/video from the members’ post, taking a quick look at the 3.20 Fairyhouse. My Irish raids have mixed success and this is only for a bit of fun… it will only be a ‘bonus’ if one of them wins of course!


3.20 Fairyhouse

Of Interest: Smokey Joe Joe 2nd, agonising, 9/1>6/1/ Swift UP

On a quiet day I thought i’d have a dive into this race using HRB and Geegeez. I narrowed the race down to these two, Graineyhill, Wee Small Hours, Benefit of Magic.

I appear to have gone for the two at the biggest price from this ‘shortlist’, for my ‘interest wagers’. The video below explains in more depth but…

Smokey… the ‘been there and done it’ horse in all race conditions as you will see from the ‘instant expert’ tab.. he is very well handicapped against his chase mark, and bolted up two starts ago. He is 0/7,1p at Navan and I wonder if there is something about the track/the finish that he doesn’t like. He was bang there a couple from home and looked like he may challenge Wee Small Hours at one point, before fading. He has won over hurdles and maybe that run got him used to the smaller obstacles. He is 12 but seemingly in great form. At 9/1 I thought he may be worth a small play.

Swift.. well she arrives here in form, conditions are fine, has track form, and with the jockey claim has nothing on her back. In these conditions that may be a positive. Provided that run hasn’t taken it out of her she could build on that. She arrives in form at least. What made her a bet was the ‘pace’ – if they all run to previous tactics (never a given and in Ireland less so – from a very limited sample/memory pool..but i’ve backed a few horses who I think will front run only to be held up out the back!) there is a chance she tries to make all and win this from the front. On that basis I thought 7s may be worth a small play.

We shall see. The video below expands a bit more but that is the main gist of it!



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Enjoy the rest of your day,


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    colin leafe 07/02/18 10:51 AM Reply

    • Good luck on the sand Colin and Ken. Looking forward to the Golf on Thursday for some decent sport to watch.

      martin colwell 07/02/18 11:01 AM Reply

      • A good start to the day Colin. Worst case is -2 with 6 horses left to run.

        Neil 07/02/18 3:02 PM Reply

  • 8/1 and 3/1 winners yesterday less 4 losers
    very strong plays £420plus on your stakes
    well played Colin

    peter 07/02/18 2:18 PM Reply

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