Free Daily Post: 21/12/17 (complete)





Kerry Lee (12/1<)

3.00 Town – Sir Will

Trainer/Jockey Combo – Live Test

2.40 Exet- Go Long (12/1<)

3.00 Town – Sir Will (12/1<)



Something to read, my weekly article from the Members’ Club…

The Week That Was: #7 READ HERE>>>

This week I take a look at a few notebook horses as usual. In ‘stats the way to do it‘ (I should think of another name but ‘research corner sounded equally naff!) I’ve taken a look at Harry Bannister, Miss R Donald and Richard Hobson… who looks well worth keeping a very very close eye. His set up/MO is a bit different to most.


That’s the lot for today, GL with any bets


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