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  • LOL…Disobeyed orders there as Ian…and had a full bet on Simple Steps at 9s…. as it was in my notes to watch when the weather is as it is.
    Well done SP2a and Ian…. What a deadly combination you and Josh are….

    Tony Mc.

    tonymc 17/12/17 1:52 PM Reply

  • Disobedience is fine Tony, I’m the guy who at one time held the record for most detentions in a school year (27); mostly for my jokes, they were that bad! and setting up Teachers Desk to collapse when he launched his briefcase on to it, the peeing in the heating oil tank was maybe a bit extreme though!

    Seriously, I find Irish races a fair bit easier when there is no Mullins / Elliott runner and they don’t have half the field.

    Well done on disobeying…beat the bookies…Happy Christmas!

    Ian @ SP2A 17/12/17 2:05 PM Reply

    • Blood brother’s Ian… Very disobedient….mine was itchycoo in the female teachers cardigans…lol 6 of the best on the rump. lol.
      That’s how i deal with the Irish courses….leave Alone if it’s being targeted by the mafia.lol.
      Cheers Ian.

      Tony Mc.

      tonymc 17/12/17 3:15 PM Reply

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