Members Daily Post: 04/06/17 (complete)

1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack/Ratings Pointers

2.Any ‘Notes’ (‘bet of the day’ + any other notes)

3.Any general messages/updates etc


1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack/Ratings Pointers







2.45 –

Always On The Run (hncp chase) 14 H3  7/2 UP

Witness In Court (hncp chase) I3 9/1 UP

3.15 –

Green Zone (all hncps+ hncp hurdle) I1 12/1 UP

Muwalla (all hncps + hncp hurdle) I3  12/1 UP

4.15 – Roc D’Apsis (hncp chase) 10/1 UP

4.45 –

Johnny Go (all hncps+ hncp hurdle) I3   15/2 UP

Solway Prince (all hncps + hncp hurdle) 33/1 UP

5.15 – Nando (NHF) H1 I1 3/1 UP


2.Any ‘Notes’ (‘bet of the day’ + any other notes)

None today. (haven’t had time to look, rather than looking and not liking something etc)

A frustrating day on Sat – always annoying when I fancy something and another TTP pick wins at decent odds. I should really stop second guessing Russell’s C5 handicappers at Hexham- that could well be the best micro angle in the whole Jumps stats pack.

The ‘back Aiden O’Brien runners priced 20/1+ SP’ ‘angle’ on the Epsom notes found the Derby winner. I am guessing from the lack of comments that like me you may not have trusted the stats /had anything on! I’ll learn one day. Everyone was saying it was an open renewal and in that scenario it makes sense to back something at a price. Next time.


3.Any general messages/updates etc

Nothing. Bar normal content the only thing on my plate next week is getting all results/spreadsheets updated and reviewing results/strategies to date. I will try and get that done as soon as possible.


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  • I did go with the stats at £10 per point! I follow them blindly where the cumulative + is 20 or more.

    Saturday found two winners at 8/1 (Balding) and O’Brien at 40/1. There were also 5 losers. So that gives a profit of £430 today.

    I back them blindly, find the matches on the days they apply and put the bets on. I go with the +20 cumulative to keep the number of bets down. I may miss winners but a system is a system.

    So well done to Josh for such work when the big meetings come up and more people should follow them I think.

    martin colwell 03/06/17 8:38 PM Reply

  • Martin
    I don’t understand what you mean with cumulative +20, could you explain please.


    mickeydee 03/06/17 10:19 PM Reply

    • probably means made 20 pts or more backing all selections at level stakes (1 pt per bet)

      aallen 04/06/17 11:00 AM Reply

    • Where in the micro’s it says that previously the micro had a + EV of 20 points or more. For instance the Balding Micro was circa +28 points and the O’Brien micro +122 points. I ignore those micros below +20 points up according to the stats Josh has produced to keep the volume of bets down.

      martin colwell 04/06/17 1:16 PM Reply

  • Martin
    Many thanks, I will follow with interest and some of my cash.


    mickeydee 04/06/17 6:19 PM Reply

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