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K Lee Chasers (12/1<)

4.30 Font- Mr Bachster

Trainer/Jockey Combo– Live Test

4.30 Font- Mr Bachster (12/1<)




Next week onwards, when it al ‘quietens down’ a tad, I will try and pull together some Flat micros we can track.

My John Gosden- handicap debut – one keeps cropping up…

Johnny G / Flat Turf Handicaps/ Handicap Debut / Class 1-4 / April-Oct / 8/1< ISP

Since 2010, 171 bets / 53 wins / 87 places / 31% sr / +67 SP / +83 BFSP / AE 1.26

2/4, +4 in 2017 so far.

One runner today…

4.10 Newbury – Chessman

One to track anyway, I may add it in, we shall see. But keep an eye on it. I suspect those figures could be improved by taking morning odds, a few must be well backed from 6s-8s into much shorter I suspect, given the profile of horse. It ‘should’ win a solid 10-15 points from around 25 bets per season. And that, at £5 a pop, is a few free nights out at the pub.


Other horses of interest..

Nope. Nothing else today.

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  • Bang in Form Kim Bailey has 24% Strike rate for a profit of+24 with hurdlers at southwell,Champion Chase at 8/1 7.15 will hopefully continue his purple patch

    gearoid180468 20/04/17 6:14 PM Reply

  • hi josh
    ive tried to use link to get the rest of new flat season it wont let me join at £8
    for rest of season
    can you fix it at your end .

    russ 20/04/17 7:51 PM Reply

    • Hi Russ, you’re a member aren’t you? Try link in members page it should work, a few others have bought it with members discount no problem so can’t think an issue my end. If needs be you can send me money directly via paypal and will email you guide. Josh

      Josh 20/04/17 9:09 PM Reply

  • Date & Title: 21st April Newbury 5f Mdn
    4.25 Admiral Spice, Embour, Jim Rockford, Tony Soprano
    3.75 Gold Town, Headway, Spoof
    3.25 Motown Mick, Mysaan, Owen The Law, Qaaraat
    Preview – Clearly a race in which the big yards like to have an early representative. Most years 80%+ go on to win a maiden during the season so important to follow runners from this race. It is often a race in which a Hannon better one makes a debut without necessarily winning. Could not make a selection without seeing them. Hope to be there with camera at the ready.

    Date & Title: 21st April Bath 5f Nov Med Auc
    3.75 Bigtimemaybe
    3.25 Diamond Dougal, Mutanaaseq, Tie Em Up Tel
    2.75 Uther Pendragon,
    2.5 Give Em A Clump
    2 Mirek

    Preview – Low grade stuff. Even though Bigtimemaybe is clear he looks a heavily built type and the one the yard ran here last week couldn’t cope with the concrete surface and it is probably firmer now. The Hannon’s often send their iffy ones here and the fact that he is also in Hamdan’s colours suggest this one is a disappointment. I might be tempted by Tie Em Up Tel if he is 20/1 or bigger. He was unsteerable at Lingfield and unfortunately Bath is not a straight track but if he did happen to run straight he might be as good as any of the rest of this lot. Probably a race to avoid.

    Prior race notes
    Tie Em Up Tel – Same ownership as Give Em A Clump and I wouldn’t be surprised if Adam Kirby didn’t after this farce. Perhaps David Evans does not train them around a bend? Very untypical to be fair. He looks anxious in the photo and it seems it was all too much. Looks a bit down at the shoulder but a strong back end and did show some early pace. Unrateable really but could surprise on a straight track. 60

    alpha2 20/04/17 7:56 PM Reply

    • I will send Josh a full review of Newbury with the pictures on Sunday. It was as expected a paddock full of good looking types with future potential. Impossible to make up ones mind with any confidence, although I did think the winner was one of the less likely ones!

      alpha2 21/04/17 7:05 PM Reply

  • Josh how much is the flat guide please. Please send the link I’m a non member

    Anthony 20/04/17 8:29 PM Reply

    • Yep will all be emailed tomorrow, you won’t miss it. 27 + vat for both flat and summer jumps. Josh

      Josh 20/04/17 9:07 PM Reply

  • Paddy Brennan isn’t really a “job” jockey but he makes a trip to Southwell to ride Quill Art 6.45 for Richard Fahey,the horse is wearing a visor for the first time I think,if the plan is to take the lead and try to burn off the field Paddy has few peers when it comes to front running,its just about a backable price at 6/1

    gearoid180468 20/04/17 9:55 PM Reply

  • I have not seen Shutter Speed or Enable so they may simply be far better, but Temple Church and Maths Prize look to offer some value here. These are my ratings from seeing them as 2yos last year. This illustrates that the gap between my ratings and OR tends to be greater at higher levels.

    Maths Prize – Medium, bit more strength in the loin linkage than LL and PPP but slightly lighter in the back end. Marginally less fit than the two Hannon boys. Stayed on very well all the way up the hill, a rare feat at Sandown 85

    Raheen House – By far the biggest here, strongly made throughout but not high quality. Very coltish for an extended period. Too gormless to get competitive and should improve for the experience. 77

    Temple Church – Medium sized stocky boy. Fat as most of Hughie Morrison’s are but suggestions of something better underneath. 77

    Temple Church – Deep barrel chested colt giving the look of a bit too much condition. Strongly made throughout and simply ploughed on. 79

    alpha2 21/04/17 10:27 AM Reply

  • Rain In The Face goes for Sam England in the 6.45 Sth

    Still 16s most places.

    A first time handicap and we know how they’ve fared in the past. I have a feeling Mrs England will be less willing to keep the same tactics up since the stir she caused with Manwell. But anyway, at the price it’s worth a bet for me

    aallen 21/04/17 11:51 AM Reply

    • Good spot. I read Chutney Dave’s Daily Punt blog a short while ago and had a nibble after he drew attention to it. If she can still get a good price you would hope she would set them up- they are easy enough to spot. Maybe she will run them in the wrong conditions for a few handicaps now and look to target 2nd/3rd/4th run!

      Josh 21/04/17 12:04 PM Reply

  • Members post is 404ing

    Wolf 21/04/17 12:18 PM Reply

    • Hmmm all seems fine my end.. still havingredients problems as I write?…

      Josh 21/04/17 1:34 PM Reply

      • Damn, yeah still 404 for me, other members’ posts are okay. Will try eating cookies [sigh]

        Wolf 21/04/17 3:32 PM Reply

        • Oh, just had to log out and back in and it’s fine hah

          Wolf 21/04/17 3:33 PM Reply

          • technology confuses me at the best of times! How odd.

            Josh 21/04/17 3:48 PM Reply

  • A couple of observations from Cheltenham yesterday. Federici is short coupled sort , lacking scope so Cheltenham not his track, may do better at somewhere where the fences are less daunting.
    An old but profitable system of backing Venetia’s when she arrives looking like she has just stepped off the front page of Vogue magazine and is expecting some TV air time. Yesterday was a case in point and as soon as she appeared in the pre parade ring the tablets and I phones were clicking into betfair all around. Plaisir D’amour duly obliged.

    Clive 21/04/17 12:19 PM Reply

    • Cheers Clive, good point about McCains. Given has run well at DR and Catt, that would make sense. Maybe tighter tracks/smaller fences his thing. Ran ok to a point I thought
      V. Good observation about Venetia. You know for sure that is what will go through her mind haha. Good spot and glad you waded in accordingly.

      Josh 21/04/17 1:37 PM Reply

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