Free Daily Post: 05/04/17 (complete)

+110 points to BFSP in just over three months, from just under 1 bet per day…

Members Club Update: You can read a detailed results update for 2017 to date HERE>>>




none. I haven’t even looked in truth, my mind will mainly be on all things Aintree.



Tom George Chasers (any odds)

3.55 Winc- Arctic Lady UP (yet to learn how to jump!)


Trainer/Jockey Combo- Live Test

2.20 Winc – Ratify (16/1<) NR

3.55 Winc – Butlergrove King (16/1<) UP



That will be all for Wednesday.



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  • Adrian Heskin (Arctic Lady)seems to do well at Wincanton chase course 4-8,horse will have hopefully benefited from first venture over fences,and Tom George is in great form

    gearoid180468 04/04/17 8:30 PM Reply

  • 355 Wincanton. Butlergrove King is looking good judging by his current mark and will get favourable conditions but at 2/1 I’m not bothered.
    My money is on Somerset Lias to run a big race.
    Good luck to all of you.

    Marcin Sudol 04/04/17 9:36 PM Reply

  • How is the T/J live test going so far?

    John 05/04/17 8:47 AM Reply

    • Profitable I think although that is one of those things that is nearer the bottom of my to do list at the moment. I will update results when it quietens down a bit, some point later in the month. I need to do that for my ‘tipping’ also.

      Josh 05/04/17 8:59 AM Reply

      • Hi John,
        these are my results/returns and it’s possible I may have missed an odd one or not got early odds on some others but will give you an idea. My record keeping is a little ad hoc suffices my needs.

        19 jan to 12 feb
        29 bets 6 wins +27 pts

        13 feb to 5 mar
        23 bets 3 wins -13.25 pts

        6 mar to 26 mar
        19 bets 4 wins +4.5pts

        Fergal/Paddy runaway winners with +16.5pts from 3 runners


        titus_a_duxass 05/04/17 9:42 AM Reply

        • Cheers Mike, I thought they had been doing OK, Smith/Cook resp for a chunk also I think, not sure if many of the others have chipped in but will review when time allows. All go go go at this time of year.

          Josh 05/04/17 1:19 PM Reply

          • Sue had 32 runners with -3.75 pts if that helps to put in better perspective

            titus_a_duxass 05/04/17 1:33 PM Reply

            • Might as well add the other profits
              Kerry +4 pt from 6
              Ken + 8 from 5

              None the others had more than 3 runners and no winners so far.

              titus_a_duxass 05/04/17 1:37 PM Reply

  • Hi Josh?bloggers
    I seem to recall a stat last flat season for J BOLGER.
    It is with his runners 1m+
    I see he has 3 today 16s.18s and 12/1 7f to1m+
    can anyone fill in the blanks for me please.


    mickeydee 05/04/17 11:25 AM Reply

    • Hi Mike,
      Just been digging at Bolger rang a bell..

      I did look at him in a August betting insider article, but it focused on 3yo only handicaps (none today I don’t think)
      So, 3yo only handicaps / 9.5f or further /
      17/63,30p,+80 BFSP, AE 1.68 (2013/14/15/16-)
      7/22,10p last year, +39

      5/12,7p at Leopardstown with such runners. Those over 16/1, 0/6,0p, so a guide, but may have a biggie go in.

      Don’t think I have anything else on him… well I didn’t.. but having just looked..

      -Exclude 2yo only, so 3yo, 3yo+, 4yo+
      -25/1< SP -2013- 48/220,83p, +240 BFSP, AE 1.35 'non handicaps' wipe their face (exc maidens..) So.. Maidens + Handicaps, rules above... 37/154, 67p, 24% sr , +131 SP, +223 BFSP All distances seem fine, over 1m5f+ some caution, 3/24,8p. He is 4/6 with those making career debut... Chronicles 18/1, in 3.30, fits that bill... And Constant Comment, 10s, in the next... Vocal Experience in 5.30 quals against main angle, Club Wexford in 6pm, May have to have a play on some of those!! GL

      Josh 05/04/17 11:57 AM Reply

      • I’d forgotten these Josh…… A couple are worth a nibble ,but two have % draw wins while another has a low draw profile of 3.8%.

        Chronicles %
        Constant Comment 14.5%
        Vocal Experience 3.8%
        Club Wexford %

        Tony Mc.

        tonymc 05/04/17 1:06 PM Reply

  • Cheers Josh will put this one on the list to follow.


    mickeydee 05/04/17 12:44 PM Reply

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