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  • Let me be the first to post this last day of March.

    Two at a price today, Prouts Pub 20/1, 4.10 FP. Iron Mountain, 8.30 Dun.

    Maybe more later?

    Good luck.

    martin colwell 31/03/17 10:29 AM Reply

    • Hi Martin
      Good to see you back,and keeping to your word of more winners two out of four Fantastic.
      Once again a big Thank You for posting your thoughts and info on here for us all

      colin leafe 31/03/17 10:36 AM Reply

    • Cheers Martin, any particular reason you like those two?

      Josh 31/03/17 10:39 AM Reply

  • Stats/trends pointers for Lincoln…

    Josh 31/03/17 10:57 AM Reply

  • Iron Mountain now a non runner in Dundalk,gone for a small bet on Pearl Spectre in the 7.30,drifting a little in the market but ran very well last week over 6 furlongs and didn’t get trouble free run,up to 7 furlongs this evening and has pat smullen on board which can only help the cause,decent draw to boot as well.

    robbie 31/03/17 12:12 PM Reply

  • 3-20 W Turtle Cask, ran very poorly lto but the race before i had put it my notebook as one to watch out for as it looked like it was running into a bit of form, dropped in distance today and now 2lb below last winning mark i’m just having minimum ew as i don’t fancy anything else in the race.

    martin whittle 31/03/17 1:29 PM Reply

    • 33-1 3rd just had £2ew on , still £15-50 profit will do me

      martin whittle 31/03/17 3:38 PM Reply

      • That was a cracker Martin, I left him but 2 out when Pipes fell i was regretting that I had! Bet your heart was racing at one point but still a great run. Responded to visor well, maybe the headgear swap may be a way in with him again.

        Josh 31/03/17 3:41 PM Reply

  • Today fun 2:40 F Wings Of Smoke off mark,like good going 20/1 now
    4:10 F Kentford Heiress, 3 times course winner cd winner 12/1 now and Ossie’s Dancer, same race

    Pab 31/03/17 2:22 PM Reply

  • hi josh
    geegeez e-mailed a free flat turf system for march/april, which is virtually april, has made 327 level BFSP, last 8 years, minimum 2 to 1, male horses age 3 to 5 LTO 150 to 300 days. ie 5 months to 10 months, trainer last 14 days needs at least 5 run, 2 win and 33% placed. average 40 points each april is very good. sky sports give relevant stats, but is this something you might to check yourself and post? as its free geegeez should not mind

    pendrem 31/03/17 4:08 PM Reply

    • Hi Malcolm,
      Yep i had a flick through that article. I won’t be posting no, I don’t have the time/don’t need to be posting anything else, sorry.
      Am sure some HRB users can put it in (can set trainer form parameters as well I think) and post comments if they wish! Can’t think Matt would mind but best post a link to the article maybe..

      Josh 31/03/17 4:32 PM Reply

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