FREE DAILY POST: 27/03/17 (complete)

My First +100 point month… I think…

Playing big odds/the ‘value game’ is  a bumpy ride…

Just an aside, as to my ‘tipping’ (mainly on these free posts + this years Festival) (not  TTP ‘bet of the day’) which thankfully has been decent in the last 13 days…. but it isn’t always like this! As an example of how it goes in this game… last year, in the first four months of the year, my jumps tips hit a high point of around +138 points. Those tips ended 2016 on around +75 points. So, I loaned back 63 points over those 8 months that followed. I mean I was a tad out of form. That wasn’t a problem if like me you had been backing them since the start of the year. More of an issue if you started following in June, for example. In the last 13 days my tips have won +72 points. That’s how quickly it can change when your punting guns are focused on horses 7/1, 8/1 or bigger. And if you throw in ‘bet of the day’, (Members’ posts, +36 points) which is a test, then it is over +100 points in a little under a month. As ever, if you trust your approach, patience is often rewarded. (there is plenty I can improve on with ‘tipping’, as ever, you can always get better)






Pam Sly (any odds)

2.40 MR – All My Love UP


Alan King (16/1<)

Time to dust of my Alan King ‘Flat’ system… since 2010.. 25/90,44 places, 28% sr, +61 SP, +82 BFSP.. AE 1.52

(Rules: Alan King / handicaps/ march+april+may+june/Flat+AW/16/1<)

3.50 Wolv – Grumeti WON 6/1>5/1

4.50 Wolv – Magic Moments



25/1 Winner…

Yesterday’s Members stats found a decent 25/1 winner over in Ireland. I do like those ‘Irish Bonus Stats’. He was smashed into 7/1 and it was rather fun to watch him romp home.

You could be backing winners like that, and can do so with my 21 Day Free Trial HERE>>> 🙂



That will be all for Monday.


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  • Wishing your life away again?.
    It’s Monday 27th March. 28th is tomorrow, Tuesday.
    Lack of sleep or mind racing ahead?

    Andy 27/03/17 8:35 AM Reply

    • Only half a coffee down and mind racing ahead, I will go with those 🙂 I am feeling bright as a button today!
      Cheers for that. Corrected now.

      Josh 27/03/17 8:41 AM Reply

  • Have you changed the Alan King system rules Josh? I have it written down differently from what you’ve put up today, March to May 0-3 runs? Moving on 100+ months are a rare thing so congratulations are in order! Top stuff 🙂

    James b 27/03/17 11:46 AM Reply

    • Hi James…hmmm… no I don’t think so! Well, that’s the one I have saved.. 0-3 handicap runs do best, having just looked… 12/30,18p… +36, vs 4+ 13/60,26p…+25 points.
      Not sure the runs factor… career runs,runs this season?
      Cheers… yep they are very rare, but nice when it all clicks! It won’t be like that next month!

      Josh 27/03/17 11:59 AM Reply

      • My bad 0-3 runs 90 days, think I need some coffee as well lol a couple of systems that worked well for me last April, J Scott hcap chase 16s or less and Ed de Giles flat last run aw. Thought I’d share those with you guys.

        James b 27/03/17 12:23 PM Reply

        • Hmm… well, all bar 1 runner had 0-3 runs in 90 days, hence why I suspect I just left the rule off…BUT.. having dived into it, we could improve the results massively by looking at those with 0-1 run in 90 days only…since 2010,16/1<, they are... 18/46, +73 points... versus 2+ runs 90 days.. 7/44, -12 points, under-performs against market expectations also. Rule change made! Plenty of logic there, increases SR massively and profit, and reduces number of bets. Magical Moments wouldn't qual on that one. now.

          Josh 27/03/17 12:37 PM Reply

  • Plumpton 230 there are just 3 horses left, 5/1 Frank N Fair, I really think he will win this race and i got the feeling that it will be dominant performance as well. Let’s hope I’m right as i put £3 on it and this is a fair chunk of my gambling budget 🙂

    Marcin Sudol 27/03/17 1:01 PM Reply

  • Well done Josh.

    Steve Mullington (@mulldog) 27/03/17 1:52 PM Reply

    • Cheers Mully, one of those months! They don’t come around that often but I would take that every March!! See you at Aintree in 10 days or so I assume.

      Josh 27/03/17 2:40 PM Reply

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