TPP Jumps Notes: 19/02/17 (Late Addition!)

Late Addition, as of 11am…

Just the ratings pointers and all qualifiers today…


1.The Ratings Pointers


Top Rated

4.40 Nav – Holeinthewallbar

Top 3

4.30 MR – Monderon

3.50 FL- Bob Ford

4.50 FL- L Frank Baum (late addition)

Geegeez Speed 

Top Rated

none. (no speed rating for Ireland,so lack of one isn’t a neg for bonus pick)

Top 3

3.50 FL – Bob Ford

4.50 FL- L Frank Baum (late addition)


2.All Qualifiers against stats pack


3.00 – Master Of Finance (hncp h)

4.30 – Monderon (hncp c) 14,30



3.50 –

Little Jon (all hncp + hncp c + micros TJC/Age)

Bob Ford (all hncp + hncp chase) 14

4.50 –

Coroner’s Report (all hncp + hncp h + micro handicap h debut) 14

Ochos Rios (hncp h) 14,30

L Frank Baum (micro distance) (Late Addition) 



4.40 Navan – Holeinthewallbar (trainer/track/TJC)


Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Monday’s Quals will either be up later Sunday evening or Monday morning,by 10am latest, most likely by 8am latest.

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  • A long distance travelling qualifier tomorrow.

    M. Rasen 3:30 – Speredek (18/1 or less), currently 9/2. Going for his third win in two weeks if taking his chance again after Friday’s win.

    LSP -3.56 pts

    I also have Allthegear No Idea in Ffos Las 2:50 (6/1) from an NTD micro for chasers yet to win.

    Chris R.

    broadsword 18/02/17 9:48 PM Reply

    • Cheers Chris.
      Tony Mc.

      tonymc 19/02/17 1:11 PM Reply

  • Josh

    It is the 19th Sunday.


    mickeydee 18/02/17 10:36 PM Reply

    • Cheers Mike. So it is! Josh

      Josh 19/02/17 2:34 AM Reply

  • Morning Josh
    Llewellyn had 2 x micro distance in the 4.50 Ffos but down to one now
    L Frank Baum

    titus_a_duxass 19/02/17 9:46 AM Reply

    • Blimey Mike, I am glad you are more awake than I appear to be most days! Thanks for that, double ratings qualifier also. Missed him in first run through. cheers.

      Josh 19/02/17 10:58 AM Reply

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