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Below is a link to this months ‘research article’ which I write for my good friends over at the Betting School/Betting Insiders Club, as part of their monthly members magazine. They kindly let me share it excluively with you also

In Febs article I had a look at some Cheltenham trainer stats/pointers plus a few other angles. I am looking forward to putting the ‘Cheltenham + Leopardstown’ LTO angles to the test. The Paul Nicholls angles have served us well the last two Festivals and with any luck will do so again.

Anyway, you can flick through that in your own time at the link below…



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  • As always a very worthwhile read.
    Will you be posting up the qualifiers Josh?

    Karl 16/02/17 3:40 PM Reply

    • Cheers Karl, yep I will be. That will be part of the ‘Festival package’ which as a Member you will have full access to and won’t need to do anything. Those angles have found thre of Nicholls winners last two seasons,from memory, posted on here, Qualando 25s the highlight ’15, Pipes last year in the handicap chase (may have talked myself out of him, I will just trust the micros!) – the ‘track LTO’ are new this year, and I will have a play around and see what else stands out.
      I will post the micro systems – I doubt I will post those bullet points with the ones 17/2< shorter. The focus will be on the 10 handicaps and the 'winning profile' shortlists, and then me doing what I usually do and picking the wrong ones to back! 🙂 But, the stats/trends, and micros, I think found 8/10 handicap winners at last years festival. Just finished the Fred Winter, 4 down, 6 to go.

      Josh 16/02/17 4:12 PM Reply

      • I am not quite sure when the entries for the handicaps are out but I really hope a horse called Brelan Das trained by Paul Nicholls runs in the Coral Cup. Fits just about every micro there is out there that you pointed out Josh and the form of his race has worked out very well even if he is up 14lbs for it.

        nickmazur 16/02/17 5:23 PM Reply

  • Vosnee Romanee runs tomorrow night at Wolverhampton to put him spot on for the county hurdle I do know that

    thomasson67 16/02/17 6:34 PM Reply

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