Well, that will teach me for being a lazy git and not updating my sprint handicap notes as I go along. That took some time, but we have got there. So, below are updated notes to the end of July. These are mainly a learning tool for myself- it’s good to ponder and reflect from time to time I think, and ensure trackers are updated.

Annoyingly I missed one runner- AJ Cook – tipped a few days ago, he came 3rd at 25s. He ran yesterday at Carlisle and won at 10s. Damn. Idiot.

Anyway, notes below… (updated to the end of July)


And, while I am here, a link to the ‘blue print/checklist’ in case you missed it…


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  • Thanks for those Josh. Knew I recognised A J Cook from somewhere yesterday. Need to go through these properly tonight and add them to HRB.

    Nick Mazur 02/08/16 3:23 PM Reply

    • yep- and of course it is easy when they win – but I would have concluded that a stiffer track may help – albeit drop in trip so levelled out – but also the amount of pace on paper in the race was mad- suggested would set up for a closer. One of those! Annoying. I also added Hoof It to the tracker at beginning of season – oh if only I had followed him since!! That’s the way it goes. Yes, the more that add stuff to trackers the less likely we (me) are to miss things hopefully 🙂

      Josh 02/08/16 3:26 PM Reply

  • Jockey booking – what about jockeys riding very close to or below there lowest weight, although I am not sure how easy it is to determine?

    Chris Randall 03/08/16 7:45 AM Reply

    • It bears looking into. I know Dickie has a good record when weighing 10st. Haven’t tracked how he has done since but on 14/12/2015 he had finished 1st or 2nd 7 out of 11 times when he had that weight in handicaps over the previous two years.

      Nick Mazur 03/08/16 8:30 AM Reply

      • Yep a very good angle Chris – again unsure how you approach that but is definitely worth trying to find a way. Yep when Dickie wastes it pays to take note. Dwyer wasted down to his lowest for a very long time to win on that one at Goodwood for Perratt. I suppose looking at big races worth a few ££ and just scanning to the bottom of the weights and seeing if anything stands out. Unsure how else you would do it.

        Josh 03/08/16 9:06 AM Reply

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