Members Report: 21/05/17 (COMPLETE)

For those unaware I am away for the weekend in Prague so the blog will be fairly ‘light’ over the next couple of days, before returning to ‘normal’ on from Monday. 

No tips, as I simply don’t have time to look. 




A King Flat (16/1<) 

1.55 Hayd – Rainbow Dreamer 

4.35 Good – First Mohican 

Varian Females (25/1<)

3.40 Hayd: Imtiyaaz / Queens Pearl 

Meehan Maidens (any odds) 

4.40 New: Alaskan Breeze

Sat TJC Hobbs/Johnson (14/1<)

7.35 Strat: Dunraven Storm 



York (all 9/1<)

2.05 York: Fort Bastian / Salateen / That is The Spirit 

3.15 York: Burano / Maraakib 

5.25 York: Dutch Artist 


8.50 Chep: Marengo (14.1<)



I have had time to have a look for my Saturday Daily Punt Column and I have gone for Doctor Bong 6/1 in the 7.20 Chepstow. Mainly because of the trainer’s record in 4yo+ handicaps here. 


That is all for the day. 

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  • I am following along since a week now, I like the Trainer & Jockey pair focus and the Hurdles are my main focus this month, using your approach to course specialists I have identified three for Saturday

    18:05 Stratford Hurdle Turf The Outlaw
    19:05 Stratford Hurdle Turf Red Tornado
    20:05 Stratford Hurdle Turf Titans Approach

    Hope Prague is going well Josh, really enjoying reading about your methods

    Berht 20/05/16 8:37 PM Reply

  • Josh many thanks you have completely changed the way I look at betting .i have now got a total new approach

    Tomo 20/05/16 9:39 PM Reply

  • It’s quiet on here. Have you all gone to Prague with Josh?

    Ali 20/05/16 11:01 PM Reply

  • I dunno what to make of Goodwood, watering, rain… Low draws dominated yesterday until the last race when draw 10 drifted onto the stands rail in the last furlong & clocks fastest time of the day, Class5 ? ? One thing for sure, times suggesting a lot slower than official ‘good’ description?

    Andy Silvers 21/05/16 1:32 AM Reply

    • I rarely bet at Goodwood anymore. A complete nightmare with second guessing where a jockey is going to place his mount and continually not getting a run. I would say it is impossible to make a profit there long term.

      Richard Sutton 21/05/16 7:04 AM Reply

    • Low draws always make things much easier at Goodwood unless you’re on a hold up horse in my opinion.

      Nick Mazur 21/05/16 7:58 AM Reply

  • Hi Josh,
    Hope you are enjoying your Prague adventure, went 16 years ago before I moved to Thailand, keep your money in a safe place. Look forward to everyone on here filling in for you, in your absence. Busy day for me with selections. My horses for my patent. 14.55 Nmk Handsome Dude 11/2. 19.35 Strat. Parsnip Pete. 20.20 Chep. Urban Space 4/1 tipped on here and I backed it ew last time it ran. Comments welcome, good luck everyone.

    Roy Bedford 21/05/16 5:09 AM Reply

    • I went stagging back in the day to Prague when it was not expensive. If we ever meet up as a group I will tell you the story of the fake kidnapping of the groom that obviously went wrong!

      Martin Colwell 21/05/16 10:23 AM Reply

  • Sanus Per Aquam looks the EW play in Ire Guineas 540 too high on figs to be 6th favourite of 8 imho

    Andy Silvers 21/05/16 5:44 AM Reply

  • The change in the weather is an absolute mare as depending on which forecast you look at each major venue could have a few showers or a downpour.

    The big sprints are full of horses that either need a road or a bog and it is hard to be sure what is going to happen, a shame as with set conditions it could have been a great betting day.

    Ian 21/05/16 6:24 AM Reply

    • Not altogether bad – I didn’t do it the other day but all day I kept thinking ‘if it rains – it’s going to suit More Mischief who was 10/1 early on & it’s going to shorten up.’ Sure enough it rained & she finished 2nd at 9/2 so could have backed & layed for a profit but I was busy enough anyway.

      But yeh could have been a good day, now tricky?

      Andy Silvers 21/05/16 6:48 AM Reply

    • I have found a couple of winners using that Proform tool on Betdaq including the first race at Newcastle/Tapeta

      According to above / using sire 4 going buttons

      150 Newm if gf stay with fav – if turns gs oppose with Evergate or Nibras Bounty – if gd Phoenix Bounty tops big price?

      & having said that just noticed fav’s sire not had many runners ? ?

      Andy Silvers 21/05/16 7:10 AM Reply

  • Some One Trick Pointers – unless 4/+ not that interested?


    Battalion (IRE) William Haggas 2:15
    Decorated Knight Roger Charlton 2:15
    Bateel (IRE) David Simcock 2:50
    Strong Challenge (IRE) Saeed bin Suroor 3:25


    Quest For More (IRE)
    Roger Charlton

    Sir Michael Stoute


    Sir Mark Prescott Bt

    Winterlude (IRE)
    Jennie Candlish

    Zodiakos (IRE)
    Hugo Palmer

    Rosenborg Rider (IRE)
    Ralph Beckett

    Andy Silvers 21/05/16 6:43 AM Reply

    • Couple of NR’s 2 winners @ 4 & 6/s from remaining 8

      Andy Silvers 21/05/16 4:52 PM Reply

  • Off to stratford later anyone got any tips?

    Tomo 21/05/16 9:51 AM Reply

    • I hear that Noble Quest, 8.35 is expected to go well. probably the price is not good enough for each way?

      Martin Colwell 21/05/16 10:38 AM Reply

    • Philip Hobbs Handicap Chasers at Stratford came out on my HRB system method with three selections. Josh has mentioned one of them – Dunraven Storm and the other two are – Thomas Wild and No Likey. I am not studying Stratford at all though so have no idea about them.

      Richard Sutton 21/05/16 10:48 AM Reply

    • A few more I look at for Stratford are

      17:30 Fredo
      18:05 Egypt Mill Rebel
      19:05 Roman Flight
      20:05 Howya Buddy

      Only focussing on Stratford today J-T Pairs, enjoy the day out at Stratford

      Berht 21/05/16 12:13 PM Reply

      • Berht
        I am absolutely gutted.
        I looked at the Tom George/Paddy Brennan combo this morning and identified Parsnip Pete and Egypt Mill Rebel.
        Events took over and I forgot about it.
        16/1 , I’m crying in my beer tonight.

        Mike 21/05/16 7:44 PM Reply

        • I miss lots Mike too, I just move on to next day, bets of luck if you are betting today

          Berht 22/05/16 8:38 AM Reply

    • Don’t go by bus!!!!

      Chris Albin 21/05/16 3:19 PM Reply

  • If anyone is backing at Haydock….well it’s bucketing down here in Liverpool…haydock is just up the road…it’ll be mud and sticky.
    Good luck all.

    Tony Mc. 21/05/16 10:08 AM Reply

    • Cheers Tony…chucked a couple of darts on the basis it may change to G/S.

      Also had a small punt on Lady Clair in the 340 based on trainer change stats via Geegeez.


      Paul 21/05/16 11:07 AM Reply

  • Does anyone like Plutocracy, 4.05 Newmarket, 8 or 9 to 1? Good run LTO. Could be value?

    Also Crisford runner, 1.55 HP, Celebration Day?

    Martin Colwell 21/05/16 10:25 AM Reply

    • Yeah already on Plutocracy from another tipster Martin. Let’s hope for a good run!

      Tom 21/05/16 10:36 AM Reply

      • Price has gone now! Been busy all morning.

        Martin Colwell 21/05/16 10:42 AM Reply

  • Can back the Dascombe/Kingscote horses handicappers at Haydock blindly,prices usually compensate for strike rate
    305 above n beyond 11/1
    410 Kachy 12/1
    445 Snap Shots 25/1-12/1
    520 Calder Prince 16/1

    gerry 21/05/16 11:29 AM Reply

    • Very true Gerry. TTP backs this up.

      Daniel 21/05/16 11:34 AM Reply

  • Will be sticking with the George/Brennan partnership with Parsnip Pete 7.35 Stratford

    gerry 21/05/16 11:37 AM Reply

  • Educate @ 25/s seems a bit high considering 2nd in race last year giving him overall cdg figs. 215 Good & ran well seasonal debut too 8 runners

    Andy Silvers 21/05/16 12:04 PM Reply

    • Nearly Andy….good shout.

      Tony Mc. 21/05/16 3:46 PM Reply

  • Had a tip for GARCIA 1505 HAYDOCK.
    Short at 9/2

    The Gambler 21/05/16 12:31 PM Reply

    • Won though!

      Andy Silvers 21/05/16 4:54 PM Reply

      • By a nose, still wins a win

        The Gambler 21/05/16 7:57 PM Reply

  • Hi team, few that caught my eye. Sorry it’s a late post.
    4.10 Hy PEARL SECRET is overpriced.
    8.30 CH INSIGHT is massive
    8.35 ST WHATS NOT TO LIKE if not too much rain then they think this wins.
    I do think that putting green 6.05 St is a good jockey booking. Great strike rate at moment!

    Jarrod 21/05/16 2:58 PM Reply

  • Calder Prince Keeps up the good rcord at Haydock,left it late but 16/1 return nice result

    gerry 21/05/16 4:27 PM Reply

  • Well done folks, winners everywhere…. Didn’t turn out too bad in the end…. (Me given up on night racing)

    Sorry about the Guineas ground changed drastic & I forgot about ?

    Andy Silvers 21/05/16 5:09 PM Reply

  • Time to put a squiggle beside parsnip pete,doesn’t want to win,was cantering behind under pressure fair dilmna but didn’t have desire to go to front

    gerry 21/05/16 7:07 PM Reply

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