Members Report: 15/05/16 (COMPLETE)

Nothing to shout about yesterday. Onto today where it will just be the systems…

In case you missed this on Thursday…


I have now completed this stats guide for 8 summer jumping tracks. You cant get your free copy at the link below…





May Trainer

4.10 Ripon – Swift Emperor (16/1<)

Jumps Handicappers

4.55 MR – Coozan George (12/1<)



4.10 Ripon – Swift Emperor (16/1<)


That is all for today. Good luck with your bets. 



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  • A quiet day here. Just a few bets to hopefully come in whilst the football takes centre stage

    4.25 Dineur 9/1-8/1 is a bet for me going by festival hunter chase form and hopefully better handicapped than Art of Logistics whose race is his to lose to be honest

    3.25 Mounthaven 4/1. Going by hurdle form on the good ground is the best horse in the race. Cant quite see what the Fry horse has done to be fav. Pipe 2/3 with novices here (figures Josh’s Summer Jumps giude) so if he can jump a fence I feel he should win

    4.45 Robinnielly, got 11/2. Following Gerry in here with what looks like a cracking system, the Dalgleish-Makin combo on first glance at RP stats (could someone tell me the exact angle for this please?). Good runs in much better races than this

    Ali 15/05/16 9:25 AM Reply

    • 4.45 Robinnielly,my bet also

      Pab 15/05/16 9:39 AM Reply

  • I think it’s 3 to 5yo
    Good or good to firm ground
    Odds of under 20/1
    Class 4 to 6

    Ant 15/05/16 9:53 AM Reply

  • And Between 6-10f or 6f-1m2f,still awaiting a winner though

    gerry 15/05/16 10:04 AM Reply

  • Lively Fella was 16/1,if had backed that one we would be betting from profits,ah well long season ahead,hopefully be better summer than last

    gerry 15/05/16 10:07 AM Reply

  • Cant rsist having a nibble on Sir Valentino in 4.25 MR at 20/1,Ludlow is where he wins and at 2m g/gs or so,maybe extra few furlongs on good wont be stretching him,at 20 worth a wild stab

    gerry 15/05/16 10:12 AM Reply

    • Witness In Court H GSR 28.57% 16/1
      D MCain

      Pab 15/05/16 10:35 AM Reply

    • Your fav combo….I went against my own…I like the Bowens hence a tickle on Dineur…not a tip.

      Tony Mc. 15/05/16 11:49 AM Reply

      • Witness In Court 11-11 weight can be problem

        Pab 15/05/16 12:37 PM Reply

    • Took 16’s for sir Valentino, great shout thanks Gerry

      James b 15/05/16 6:16 PM Reply

  • Ruth Carr 25% SR last 7 days

    Pab 15/05/16 10:27 AM Reply

  • Josh trying to get in touch with you via the contact button but nothing happens.,you might have noticed I have cancelled my monthly donation.two reasons first I am of to the USA until September.second all this flat racing is doing my head in.i am a N Hunt fan through and through,so I will be back just in time for the real racing getting come September I will be back,so best of luck to all and may you all have plenty of winners during the flat season.Cheers BoB

    BoB 15/05/16 10:46 AM Reply

    • Hi Bob,yea the contact button/page does not work, always best to email me., or hit reply to any of the emails I send,if you are on the list. Not to worry,sounds reasonable to me. Enjoy your visit to the US,and see you again in the autumn! Josh

      Josh Wright 15/05/16 11:30 AM Reply

  • Wipe out yesterday…lol.
    Have 5 system bets today, but all to short priced…2s and 11/4…except for LOVE ISLAND…3.35 Ripon…R Whittaker, but he has 2 running.
    Dropped about 14 pts yesterday…I prefer over the sticks as well.

    Tony Mc. 15/05/16 11:23 AM Reply

  • 4.25 Mar R Top4 cdg’s Top 2 worth a little EW imho

    My Brother Sylvest 10-12
    Bar De Ligne 10-12
    Johns Spirit 11-9
    Brave Spartacus 11-12

    Andy Silvers 15/05/16 11:51 AM Reply

    • Hi Andy…Johns Spirit was a system bet for me, but to short priced…..cheers for the info.

      Tony Mc. 15/05/16 12:00 PM Reply

      • At least u got a run from JS the others were all eased down nowhere & race won by Tom George chaser only runner at meet had 5 of them in April & was first of this month ran a fast time too.

        Andy Silvers 16/05/16 6:31 AM Reply

  • Nathra 1000gns will love the bit of cut in France to day good EW at 12/1 for my money

    Stac 15/05/16 11:59 AM Reply

  • Early season flat and jumps is time for minimum stakes,there will be lots of days when all systems and strategies fail.there will be also days when you will bag a hatfull of winners,i am working on a 1/2 point bet flat and 1 point jumps,i have no handle at all on flat season so relying mostly on stats pack,you just need patience and a biggger bank or smaller stakes

    gerry 15/05/16 12:14 PM Reply

  • Wayne really earned his fee on the barbury queen,lookd a beaten docket with a circuit to go

    gerry 15/05/16 1:27 PM Reply

  • blimey, team George-Brennan well done Gerry!

    should definitely have had a saver on that myself, but i just find it strange when a horse changes trip after specialising at a different trip for so long

    anyway, there’s a racing lesson for me

    Ali 15/05/16 3:35 PM Reply

  • I just can never leave a Tom and Paddy chaser go unbacked Ali,have been following them all season,i just thought that few extra furlongs on good woudnt inconvnience him if he had the class,think they account for half my seasons profit

    gerry 15/05/16 3:40 PM Reply

  • Dalgleish/Makin Boom or Bust continued

    Running Total 0/5 Robinnielly was well backed into 2/1 but soundly beaten 2nd
    Tomorrows qualifier-Falcons Fire 9/1 Bet365
    Nothing at Kempton at value prices
    Tom George horse too short
    Nicky Henderson might grab one of the hurdle races

    gerry 15/05/16 10:17 PM Reply

  • This is what Eric Winner is saying about 3.15 Bri both available 365 @ 25/s

    “Eight runners so ideal for an each way bet if the price is big enough, there’re three horses that have led before but I wouldn’t say any of them are what I would call natural front runners but all three are in my quest for finding the winner, Jaywalker has only run twice winning in 2014 and then second when running here about two weeks ago but the time that day wasn’t very fast and didn’t reach my graph levels, Upstaging is my third top rated but has run six times on grass before without winning but could possibly make the frame, MONARCH MAID 25/1 starts off as my second top rated but as it’s being ridden by a five pound claiming apprentice which would move it to top spot but this will be its first run of the year and may need this run for fitness which it has done for the last three years but the jockey has only ridden for the stable three times and won one of them so maybe they expect a big run, my original top-rated was VINCENTTI 25/1 and this one wouldn’t want it to be firm ground and its described as being good ground so it ought to ideal, I will go with having two small each-way bets at the prices and only need one of them to make the frame to show a small profit with the potential of winning more but this is as long as all eight of them run so there’re three places to aim for.”

    Andy Silvers 16/05/16 6:32 AM Reply

    • Sorry completely messed up – they were the outsiders, I’ve gone & backed Monumental Man (will have to trade out on him) but lots o money for Vincentti who is the cdg top too… Now best 16/s

      Andy Silvers 16/05/16 7:13 AM Reply

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