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TO NOTE: One of you emailed in asking whether I would be repeating my Flat stats guide for the All-Weather – the answer to that is yes. I will do something similar for the ‘summer months’ – stats covering same period as the main Flat season, before doing a ‘winter’ version. I will also do one for the Summer Jumping tracks, all in the same report.

There will be a free report (1 AW track,1 Jumps Track), Donations Club Members will get the whole thing for free, and then there will be a small charge for everyone else, if you want one. That just depends on how much time it takes and the value I put on but it won’t be more than £12. I will try and get that complete this week. 


This morning I am finishing off my Punchestown trainer stats report for Donations Club Members. I wasn’t going to share any of it but that would be a bit selfish and I am sure DC members won’t mind if I share the odd snippet. So, you can get stuck into the below which looks at Jessica Harrington. If you want the full report, you know what to do 🙂 


All stats from last 5 Festivals…

JESSICA HARRINGTON (Mrs John Harrington)

Jessica has had the odd big priced winner, including one at 50/1 SP last year (BFSP 130.00!). Maybe we are best starting with a breakdown of National Hunt Race type, Handicap/Non Handicap

Starting with most wins first…

Non Handicap Hurdles: 25 bets / 5 wins / 6 places / 20% sr / +55 SP / +154 BFSP / AE 1.91

Handicap Chase: 11 bets / 3 wins / 4 places / 27% sr / +31 SP / +43 BFSP / AE 2.86

  • 3/6,3 places with handicap chasers aged 7 or 8

NH Flat: 29 bets / 2 wins / 10 places / 7% sr / -7 SP / -3 BFSP / AE 0.88

Handicap Hurdle: 16 bets / 1 win / 3 places / 6% sr / -5 SP / -5 BFSP / AE 1.15

Non Handicap Chase: 5 bets / 0 wins / 2 places / -5 SP /


When looking at the Age of winners (all runners, all odds)…there is a good spread bar with her 4 year olds who are…

0/20, 6 places


Horse Runs in 90 Days…

Those with 3 only are: 18 bets / 5 wins / 5 places / 28% sr / +94 SP / +203 BFSP / AE 4.39

Her last 7 runners with that angle… 1,1,1,5,1,1,5

Winners at 20/1 x2, 10/1,7/1 and 50/1.

In 2011 and 2012 she was 0/9, 0 places. Very interesting. All winners with different horses. This would suggest this may have become a deliberate method for some of her horses?


Finishing position LTO?

She does well with those that won LTO: 12 bets / 4 wins / 6 places / 33% sr / +17 SP / AE 2.4

Those yet to have a career start: 0/14,3 places


Races over 2m5f or 3m are: 16 bets / 5 wins / 7 places / 31% sr / +51 SP / +87 BFSP / AE 3.23


I couldn’t find any other main ‘ways in’, but hopefully some of those angles may point to a winner or two. We shall see. She has hit some really good form in recent days, just in time! (I should add, the profile for Willie Mullins is quite exciting, having found an angle for all of his 8 handicap winners from only 20 bets – we will have some fun IF that repeats itself 🙂 ) 








*At some point soon I will put all systems we are following in this section into one PDF,with a link, which may help…

There is this post which has links to most of them in… MICRO SYSTEMS MASTER POST


Meehan Maidens (any odds) 

6.00 Wind: Jimenez 

6.30 Wind: Magnum

Pam Sly Females (any oddss)

7.30 Wind: All My Love 




There are no main system qualifiers from my guide, which will be posted up here as a ‘monday bonus’ when there are some. 

Nothing at Windsor that isn’t already mentioned above (albiet keeping an eye on Meehan’s big priced two in the Novice stakes, race 1 – given changes to Maidens etc) 

Ayr… (Paddy Power’s Money Back if 2nd to SP fav is for this meeting) 

2.20 – Irish OptimismWON 5/1 – my Geegeez Gold report tells me that Quinn/Makin are 5/12,8 places when teaming up with all runners here. So, that makes him of interest. 

The rest of the stats from my guide. Given Mondays may well be quiet I will look to do more of the below, and we shall see how that goes. Remember these are a starting point, a ‘stats way in’ and I haven’t looked at other runners in the race etc…

My report indicates that Dods is 4/18,9 places with his maiden runners at the track, making Sabrina Brazzo UP – interesting at the price. Dalgleish does ok in maiden races here also. 

2.50- Mo Henry- 5/1WON 9/2 -Keatley does well with his handicappers here but the market may be starting to get onto them, after last season. We shall see. He has a few runners at the track today and all may be worth noting. This one looks most interesting to me given some decent enough placed turf form for his last connections and the fact he is very well handicapped now. Fallon booked. Interesting. 

4.50 – Rock Montjeau – 4/1 – UP- again for the same connections. This one has yet to do much, which makes the fact he is being well backed even more interesting. There will clearly be more to come at some point, and every indication is that day is today. 

5.55 – Satellac – 7/2WON 7/2 – Trainer and Jockey are 8/43 here in handicaps last three seasons, for +16 points, 31% above market expectations. He takes a massive step up in trip which I find interesting. 


LATE UPDATE…have just stumbled across an old ‘Profile’ horse that I have saved… 5.10 NAAS… DOONARD PRINCE… 4th – at this track, over 6f, i this class, he is 1,1,3,1… he has won this race for the last two seasons and has come a long way down in the weights – trainer is in decent enough for and he had a pipe opener LTO. Everything would suggest he may run a decent race and at 10/1 with 4 places may be worth an EW nibble ( I have!)


That is all for today. 




I will just leave a subtle link at the bottom of the daily posts…you can get your copy, +60 day no questions asked money back guarantee below…


I will update readers periodically on how the main system bets get on – they have had a decent enough start. However you use the guide, you are sure to have plenty of fun with it. Those that have bought a copy have already used it to find plenty of decent winners. 

And, you can also get a 50% discount if you join the Donations Club below…



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  • A few angles for Monday – trainers in form – R.Ford 3/3, has one runner 4.50 Ayr Dolphin Rock. Also C Fellowes 2/2. S C Williams has a +61 point win profit at Chelmsford over the last 12 months. He has one runner, in the 4.00, Tamara Love, 25/1 in places. Trainer change, M Attwater has a healthy profit margin and he runs Bognor in the 3.30 at Chelmsford, 16/1 in places.

    Martin Colwell 24/04/16 9:02 PM Reply

  • What a really bad day of racing and fixture planning, 3x AW, OK CC is a replacement for Yarmouth, but the first Monday with no UK NH and we have 3 AW and Ayr and Windsor – looks a minefield to me so will probably just rely on one or two…

    Ian 25/04/16 7:06 AM Reply

  • Saved this in my tracker. MAAREK 6.40 Naas
    All wins on good or softer All wins at 5 or 6 F Strong form at graded level Strong form returning 16days (11days) LTO All 12 wins on a straight track. Naas is straight..9/2 available,.

    Mike Dennis 25/04/16 7:45 AM Reply

    • Looks the part alright on a bad days racing, got 5/1 lasnyte

      les 25/04/16 9:41 AM Reply

  • UPDATE…have just stumbled across an on ‘Profile’ horse that I have saved… 5.10 NAAS… DOONARD PRINCE… at this track, over 6f, i this class, he is 1,1,3,1… he has won this race for the last two seasons and has come a long way down in the weights – trainer is in decent enough for and he had a pipe opener LTO. Everything would suggest he may run a decent race and at 10/1 with 4 places may be worth an EW nibble ( I have!)

    Josh Wright 25/04/16 9:04 AM Reply

  • Hi Josh, In regard to your Upcoming Flat Stats for AW, Summer Jumps etc, Just wondering over what period of time will you be covering, I.E. 3,4 or 5 years?, The reason i say this is i feel 5 years is too far back these days, Sure there is an argument for Volume etc but just feel more current Stats reflect the nature of the game nowadays, let me know your thoughts on this..


    les 25/04/16 9:48 AM Reply

    • Yep I tend to agree with you – that is why my latest guide, the flat stats one, focused on the last 3 years -and so far so good in general. I was a ‘5 year’ stats fan in general, but do think 3 years is better for that type of approach. Things change so much, esp in training techniques, bloodstock etc that 5 years may not take account of such changes and figures may be down to first 2 years, with latter 3 no good etc. That is a long way of saying these ones will also be 3 years!

      Josh Wright 25/04/16 9:54 AM Reply

      • Thanks for your reply Josh

        les 25/04/16 5:50 PM Reply

  • On the subject of AW Guides the one you produced last year got me a 25/1 winner with the very first selection I found.

    I can’t let it go unbacked today.

    CRYPTIC @ Chelmsford.

    Steve 25/04/16 11:32 AM Reply

  • Re Yesterdays Conversation about trainers with more than one runner A Swinbank just had two in the 3.10 at Southwell one was in the post at 7/1 the other 33/1

    Both went off at 7/1 result was the fcast outsider wins @ 7/1 the other 3rd but only seven runners

    Brian 25/04/16 3:04 PM Reply

  • ” Oh to be in England “,now Josh’s Flat Statistics are Published !!
    Sadly,I am in Atlanta,U.S.A. from where one cannot access any Bookmakers !!
    It’s not often I wish my life away,but I can get back to Serious Business in Mid-May !
    Any advice for The Kentucky Derby—- except ” Learn the words ” to ” My Old Kentucky Home !!

    John C 25/04/16 5:41 PM Reply

    • If you have relatives in Europe you can access josh’s stats and email your sels to get on :))

      les 25/04/16 5:52 PM Reply

      • Thanks Les,
        Sadly it puts strains on relationships when they manage to place Losing Bets ( we all have some !! ) and Miss placing a Winning Bet !!– It’s not worth it !

        John C 25/04/16 7:35 PM Reply

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