Members Report: 14/03/16 (COMPLETE)

*** First Bet is up for tomorrow in a new post***

2.50 – Doing Fine – 1 point EW33/1 general (a few 5 places, check terms etc) Dont want to risk waiting in case he goes to 20s across board which could happen at some point. 


Nothing on Monday. It will be all things Cheltenham from here on in.



No Bets. I am not even going to look at tomorrow as my mind will be on all things Cheltenham for the next few days. I will look to see what other races are on away from there during the week but I don’t really want to be distracting myself away from the main event. 


No potential qualifiers 


That is all for Monday. 

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  • Moneyjean a qualifier on the Williams / Moloney micro in the 425 at Taunton. Seems a no-hoper, but I guess that’s why the price is 18/1 (price bigger the better, said the rules). No movement on bookies price at all at this early stage, £185 on the win market on Betfair to date, so may wait to see how it develops.

    Paul 13/03/16 7:31 PM Reply

    • Yep, but they had a well backed no-hoper the other week – money is usually a good sign, but not always. Yet to look. I only post there Saturday Qualifiers on here, for reference, and as you have done, best tracking the angle yourself if you wish to keep an eye on it. Good Luck.

      Josh Wright 14/03/16 8:23 AM Reply

  • To be honest I don’t like gambled on horses (except Son Of Flicka lol, remember him?) usually lose & I would more often than not cash out before race even started nowadays but anyway I got a couple of tips for you today Josh.

    Well Handicapped Horses by Jon Gibby (deals with the flat but a lot of the methodology can be used for jumps) Has become essential bathroom reading last couple of years.
    Value Seeker by Anthony Gibson

    Both available on Amazon relatively cheap?

    Andy Silvers 14/03/16 9:45 AM Reply

    • Thanks Andy – gambles..well, for me it is never a negative! – but, a horse at 16s says, (dont bet) see it backed into 8s / 6s say (then bet) makes no sense whatsoever! If one of Evan’s ‘no form no hopers’ gets backed, it helps with confidence, but nothing more.

      I have read/got one of John Gibby’s books, but will maybe add that flat one for this next season to the list. Have not heard of/read Value Seeker but sounds like I should – I do need some new racing reading material so will have a look!

      Josh Wright 14/03/16 9:55 AM Reply

    • The Gibby book is superb. The Gibson was is pants.

      Tony 14/03/16 11:18 AM Reply

      • There’s a couple of good pages in the Gibson book imho & I have sent them to Josh

        Andy Silvers 14/03/16 1:01 PM Reply

  • “one”

    Tony 14/03/16 11:19 AM Reply

  • It is sunny and cold at the course today. The ground for s drying, at present good to soft in places. The hill looks even steeper. I can’t see vauteur winning at all. I spoke to my multiplayer contact yesterday and he said that shantou village and the one I n the 4 miler were going well at home. I saw my Gary Moore contact just now. He said SDG was in n good form but didn’t think it was as good as it once was.

    Martin Colwell 14/03/16 11:20 AM Reply

  • Lovcen 3.55 is interesting with a view to the future (aged 11 OMG!) This is only his 5th chase start, his first was with a rating of 150 in the Gr1 Feltham 6th of 7 10/1? Dec12 – Must be kept in training for something? Rated 125 now, not convinced (Dosage Index) he can stay but he is getting older now & might just? But I reckon he’ll run about 3rd today & his mark will be lower next time. There used to be a Nick Mordin system following 12yo chasers, not sure if it still profitable ? ?

    Andy Silvers 14/03/16 11:23 AM Reply

    • King hell, went for a bath n his odds have crashed, luckily Stan James were still 28/1 I reckon I’ll be able to Lay him for 1/2 that in a minute.

      Andy Silvers 14/03/16 1:03 PM Reply

  • 4:25 TAUNTON
    Here´s Herbie can be good bet

    i have info from guys from IRE that 4.50 SOUTHFIELD ROYALE Chatltenham tuesday with irelands top jockey Nina carberry
    Amateur race 8/1 now

    Pab 14/03/16 1:13 PM Reply

  • Band of Blood 40/1 and Twelve Roses 33/1 tipped by Tony Calvin on RUK – nice ew double

    Jo 14/03/16 2:55 PM Reply

    • well horses returning withing 15 days of last run in 3m+ chase are now 0/32, 2 places, (but race has a feel of a stats busting affair,been staring at it long enough now!) and this looks like an afterthought, given how confident they were last time – 1st time headgear though, trainer is canny and this mark will look lenient at some point! Have my doubts but is 40/1, can overlook plenty at that price. Was disappointed with his jumping LTO also, never really travelling – needs headgear to work. Places returns on both would be decent payday.

      Josh Wright 14/03/16 3:08 PM Reply

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