Members Report: 6/12/15 (complete)

Just the micro systems today (feeling a bit worse for wear,I do like an evening out in Liverpool!) I will reflect on yesterday tomorrow,but that was rather good fun wasn’t it??!

Thanks for all of your kind comments,makes the blogging etc worthwhile and is why I post my thoughts. Just remember yesterday when the next mini drought comes along,it isn’t easy to find winners like that regularly,although I try! 🙂 


Jumps Handicappers 

1.25 Hunt Red Devil Star (20/1<)



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  • Hi Josh, I think your tips are like buses ie. You seem to wait around for ages for one to come along, and then low and behold two come together ( LOL)

    Allan 06/12/15 10:57 AM Reply

    • Haha I think you are right. It is part nature of my approach and odds although as have said before I have been a bit too inconsistent at times. But have felt good last couple of weeks and felt like I was getting there,shortlisting had been good so was a matter of time!

      Josh Wright 06/12/15 11:03 AM Reply

  • Hi Josh – Before you reflect ……. great pick with Highland Lodge, brilliant !!! Together with CW’s Virgilio helped return a profit on what looked like being a break day.

    Many Thanks – Bob S.

    Bob 06/12/15 12:02 PM Reply

  • Hi Josh great selection in Highland Lodge i always read your blog many thanks


    Richard 06/12/15 12:58 PM Reply

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